Who Let The Dogs Out?

Oct 18 · 5 min read

We are clinging to a blame game that I find useless and honestly? Trite and dull. What are we actually achieving?

There’s a fine line between sparking a conversation and keeping it going for the sake of it with no actual factual solution and there’s also a fine line between empathy and patronising.

Gender equality conversations need to be had, however, in my opinion, we need more action takers, anger gets us to a certain point, rage consumes and ignites, but the real change comes when there’s personal growth.

As much as Robin Hood is an awesome story for a box-office hit we don’t have to take from anyone to have. We get to create!

You are only powerless if you believe you are powerless.

How do you want to show up in your life?

They say and I agree, that you shouldn’t give a damn about what other people think and be self-aware enough to ask yourself: what’s the reason why I do the things I do, who am I looking to impress, what am I hiding from?

Are you willing to commit your life to something that you almost gave up on and thought it was impossible?

Ok, ok, I get it, trust me. I have been there. We all have a bit of the ‘victim mindset’, it takes a deep soul searching process to see the Truth as it is.

How would you show up if there was no other choice if there was nothing else but the reality you are living in, if there was no way out?

How would you act even if things could never change and you were stuck forever in whatever dark hole you find yourself in?

What actions would you take?

If this was the case, I believe then you have nothing to lose, right? What’s the worst-case scenario? If you are already in your worst-case scenario how bad can it get? And if you have managed to get to this point doesn’t it mean that you can handle it?

‘They are cheating!’, ‘Things are easy for them because this and that…’ all of these are BULLSHIT excuses your mind fabricates to keep you safe. If there’s no hope if there’s no light if there is no belief, why even bother? Why even move your ass? Why even do something about it if things will never change? Right?

One of the reasons I have learned through my experience that build up walls and imaginary roadblocks is the mental prison we create for ourselves clinging to our past experiences as if they were the road map for our life, not simply an experience you were into because you weren’t evolved, yet.

Another reason why the story keeps repeating itself is because of the coping mechanisms we hide and lie with to avoid pain. When the truth is that pain comes from dodging the fact that we didn’t know better then. Now we get to transmute it embracing our growth as a daily commitment to get out of our way and allow things to float into our existence instead of acting needy and desperate out of a thirst to do things the old way.

When things don’t work out the way you wanted, celebrate! There’s a gem there, there’s an opportunity to make a different choice. There’s growth and that’s the secret sauce!

Hi, my name is Arya and I come from another galaxy. Joking! Am I?

I run a community for music artists and creatives that aims to educate and elevate consciousness to solve poverty through creative thinking, prosperity coaching, inspiring content, and very soon podcasting.

Some of you might be interested in what I’m about to share. Others might be skeptical. Prosperity coach? Dafuq is that?

Been there.

Who has read self-help books? Who has signed up for seminars, trainings, courses, watched YouTube videos, reached out to spiritual teachers, asked others what to do about their life?

Awesome! I thought I was original.

My point here is: all of them are right, the teachers I mean. We were wrong in looking for answers in them.

On one hand, this is completely counterproductive with what I do however, bear with me because it will make sense.

Every single one of those teachers and coaches has a ‘modus operandi’ and when we are struggling it’s easy to fall prey because we are desperate for answers. And it becomes like a drug, we keep coming back for more. It’s a never-ending loop.

When the one and only in control is you. And you will keep repeating the struggle until you grasp that it all starts and ends with your thoughts.

How you can’t have something because this and that happened…and the conflict keeps repeating itself.

I could open this rant with a sob story of my growing pains, however, as much as I have grown from that and I empathise with those struggling I don’t see the pain as an excuse to hide and not take action. This world doesn’t give you a cookie for surviving trauma and I’d rather be ok with it and be excited about my future than holding onto something that might have happened.

I could share the details and it wouldn’t matter. I’m here to tell you it’s possible to have everything you want.

For too long we have felt impotent and we have all the right to be angry, to feel robbed, to be pissed as fuck but once you confront those petty emotions the only thing left is you and your life.

Jealousy, envy, fear, shame, guilt, those are the victim qualities and who you are is much more than the body and the story you keep repeating yourself.

Call it God, call it whatever you want, Source, Energy, Universe, YOU are the answer to your questions.

There are two paths: one takes you down the rabbit hole and continues to spiral down in an endless search for meaning to existence while creating patterns in reality to make sense from whatever you are going through to justify your weakness with your past actions and then there’s the other path, THE path.

One that requires balls and demands you face your demons until you get sick and tired of being sick and tired.

You comprehend that everything you have been told about life is a sugarcoated lie and after the worst day of your life you rise and keep rising. And the rising never stops.

It’s you vs you.

The world is a giving tree.

You understand you have already something within you that the world needs.

There’s nothing wrong with you.

There’s nothing to fix.

There are things you need to become aware of and release, confront and embrace to transform.

Full stop.

And you love yourself more because of them.

The only thing I’m asking you today as one of my mentors wisely told me a few days ago is: it’s ok if you don’t believe you can. I do believe in you. Believe then that because I know what I am doing there’s something in you that’s worthy.

And I know you can because I can. And I’m not better or different than you.

I am a girl from Madrid who decided to bet on herself and has the guts to go after what she wants.

You know why? Because if you are not growing you die. And there’s nothing worse than being a breathing corpse.

Who’s ready to kick this bitch of life in the ass?


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Ignorance is not bliss. It’s spiritual suicide. It’s comfortable but so it’s a coffin.

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