No, Bloomberg, the Olympics didn’t stumble because of Millennials. It stumbled because of NBC.
Brenton Henry

Very well written piece.

I’m an Olympics junkie — couldn’t get enough of the events, but as you say, the gateway to content was really painful (just imagine trying to enter your DirecTV credentials using the Samsung Gear VR to get to the 360 content — that should have been an Olympic event itself!).

The biggest thing I noticed that was just wrong all over in coverage was the cutaways to commercials at completely wrong times. No one got to see Galen Rupp actually get his bronze for the marathon — NBC even knew they were about to give it to him, but instead, we got a Honda commercial and then came back just in time to see the gold medal handed out.

Contrast that with their NASCAR coverage where — sometimes like Fox Sports — they will keep a window alive while a commercial airs around the event. Yes, I get that the advertisers are paying the big bucks to be a part of this event, but it really got to the point where I did everything I could to avoid TV (or only watched the special DirecTV channel that had no commericals) or streamed on the iPad.

$10 would have been a no-brainer to pay to watch events without the interruptions.