3.1)Data Modelling

As my application is more like a social networking website it’s data model is a little large

Mainly i required 6 table to capture my all data as shown in the screenshot.

On implementing Friends_relationship I am facing two options here:

  1. The typical case, where I will store both user1 -> user2 and user2->user1. This will take more space, but (at least in my head) require just one pass over the rows to display the friends of a particular user.
  2. The other option would be to store either user1->user2 OR user2->user1 and whenever I want to find all the friends of user1, I will query on both columns of table to find a user's friends. It will take half the space but (again at least in my head) twice the amount of time.

Updates 4.1

As the app should be 3 screens app i have to remove the friends review functionality and it makes my app more complicate to implement,also removed the restriction to choose from certain set of places as shown isn previous data model ,also update ui accourding to convenience.Now the data model looks like

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