App == Tour Tracker

For those who love to visit new place ,explore every part of the world before they die in short a travel enthusiast like me ,this webapp is for you!

The Problem

When we plan a tour to a place where we haven’t visited ,a lot of queries jump on to our mind ,like is this the perfect season to visit that place ,is the expenses are within my budget ,which mode of transport should i choose etc.

To resolve these queries we generally contact our friends or relatives who had travelled to that place and according to that information we plan our tour.

The Idea

For all travel enthusiast like me, i want to create a platform where they can share their experience and provide details for all the readers which resolves their general queries and help them plan their trip better .

Just login with facebook and now you can see all the reviews of your friends e which travel around the world (like youtube bloggers ,who travel to the most amazing places on earth).

The user can put all their experiences ,expenses ,mode of transport ,hotel stayed at ,took how many days ,specialities about that place ,best way to visit places which can shown through maps.

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