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Another friendly customer…

Gloves, masks, what makes us human

Just got back from Farmer Joe’s, the local micro-chain grocery store of two links a mile apart. 15 minutes before closing, and the parking lot was eerily empty, the store mostly deserted, except for about a dozen shoppers, three-quarters of whom were masked, about half gloved, and a small fraction defiantly neither, an implicity “F*** you!” to the virus, as if a bright smile and beatific attitude could keep the plague at bay.

The rest of us awkwardly made corner-eye contact, doing the now-standard dance step of maintaining six feet of distance while securing our respective bulk oatmeal or bananas, like two boxers, each wary of getting within the other’s striking distance. …

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To be a dad is to feel unworthy of the title. Unfitting of the shoes. Unsure of the task.

It’s fumbling and funneling formula to your child in the dark through a finger-taped tube. Coming to terms with non-word neo-cuteisms like “boppy” and “onesie.” It’s posting the same pictures your pre-dad self found vapid.

To be a dad is to live life in the margins, have but a single hand to yourself, pause writing for burping. To be a dad is to hold the tuna sandwich in the right hand and the baby in the left. …

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First of all, let’s get one thing straight: not many kids are out there thinking “When I grow up, I’m going to work in advertising!” And of those few, probably none of them think “I’m going to go into advertising . . . and then go work for an insurance company!

It’s a non-linear and unexpected career path for sure — but here’s why I did it: insurance, in and of itself, is not interesting. But changing behavior for the better at a society-wide level? Now interesting.

HiRoad exists to reward, empower, and celebrate mindful living — and car insurance was just an interesting place to start, because it’s something everyone has to have. By rewarding mindful driving, and putting insurance right where people need it (on their phones), the model has social good built in, and is an idea whose time and technology have come. …


Nate Davis

Advertising, user experience, corporate culture, creativity — and distance running. For my ad portfolio, see www.iamnatedavis.com.

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