How to build your personal brand as a new developer
Rick West

I have started my own blog writing about things that I encounter while working on any project, doing small post with examples of how others can utilise the same thing. I have done great work in past at companies that I have worked and I am also awarded for that. But whenever I go for any interview, interviewers dont believe that a guy at such young age can do so much things and that I am faking. Whenever I talk about the pay scale they just laugh saying your experience is too less what you expect. Yeah! I know that hurts because developers job is not easy, but when it comes to indian IT firms they always look for cheap labour. Thought starting my personal branding will give me the stage to explain who I am because a 2 3 page resume that can’t tell actually what and how I do things. Another reason being discussing with wider audience gives birth to more ideas.

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