We fired our top talent. Best decision we ever made.
Jonathan Solórzano-Hamilton

Don’t get me wrong, *ssholes should never be tolerated on a team. But this was a management failure months before Rick was fired. He should never have been allowed to take such an overwhelming load on, work burn out hours, etc.

If you were Rick’s manager, I blame you for his descent into narcissism, burn out, and the eventual explosion. Shame on you for letting another human being work themselves like that. I doubt Rick took on such a role without any encouragement. A good manager would have put a stop to 84 hour work weeks before even one was completed.

You exploited someone who didn’t have all his shit together, he didn’t have good work life balance or tools to enforce his boundaries, and then you blamed him for *your* failure to look out for the people that work for you. Shame on you.

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