I am Every Black boy , Every Black man, every Black Woman you kill.

So I’m not even sure where to begin in regards to the consistency and choosing to kill black men and Black boys. I’ve tried to be silent and educate myself, I’ve tried to somehow understand the law I’ve tried to understand the action and cause behind it, and I keep coming to the same conclusion that Black men, black boy’s are not valued and it is both upsetting and fearful to believe that we live in a society where a man of color can walk out of his house and not return. It’s upsetting that little black boys have little right to simply be children. We are all considered dangerous, but some how our whole existence has allowed an entire nation to reign supreme … We wear our wounds with dignity … But when do we wear these experiences with pride and victory??????? How am I to be expected to thrive and achieve “ the American Dream” when America doesn’t intend for me to live long to obtain it?