LAGOMing my flat

So let’s start with the lights. Replacing the under cabinet lights in my kitchen was the big job. The existing lights were big bulky old fluorescent tubes that flickered, hummed, and had a horrible colour temperature.

The best fit seemed to be the OMLOPP worktop lighting. With a warm colour temperature in the store display and the ability to dim to half power it seemed the perfect fit. Plus the plug was removable which meant I could wire it into the existing junction box. So into the trolley went three 80cm and one 40cm strip and the assorted bits and bobs.

However installing this took a bit longer than I expected.

OMLOPP description on

Turns out IKEA’s definition of “in a chain” does not match mine. Unlike the cheaper LEDBERG range where each strip plugs into the next, each light has it’s own small wire that goes into the transformer. The advantage of this is that you can run strips and spotlights off one transformer. However if you are retrofitting to an existing kitchen you need to drill a hole into the service cavity for each cupboard. It also meant there was a small rat’s nest of cables on top of the cupboard, not the single wire I’d been expecting.

It meant that I had to wait till I could get a slightly handier friend over to fit them. Once I got them running however they look fantastic. A complete change from the old units and meant that using the secondary lighting used less power than the main lights. Which is surely how it should be?

As for the blinds, I’d had my heart set on the HOPPVALS cellular blind, with its honeycomb structure keeping heat in which would help with my single-glazed sash windows. However unfortunately these only come in one size, and it’s a size too short for my window. So instead I went for a TUPPLUR blackout blind instead with the hope it’d block out the light from the street lights across the road. It’s certainly done this and has also worked to keep the heat in overnight over the colder nights. It was dead simple to cut down to the right width too although, again, the length was an issue with older windows. It fits perfectly, although perhaps too perfect as it sometimes gets stuck as I reach the very end of the blind and there’s no excess.

The bathroom version also does an excellent job of keeping heat in over the summer and, unlike an old blind that was there when I moved in, doesn’t get affected by the steam.

That said, I probably should have bought the RIKTIG draw rod. With the window being behind the toilet and me not being as tall as I think… two cable ties hanging off the bottom of the blind doesn’t look that classy! It’s on the list for my next visit.

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