The Nothing Article!

Let’s pause and do nothing!

Note: If you’ve got some spare time, then read this article.

On this site, I mean Medium, you can find articles related to different things. Some give motivation, some are life hacks. Some writers writing travelogues, some write technologies. Some are philosophers, some people tend to be the loners. Someone writes “N ways to make money”, some others may talk about — “Why I left my job”. These subjects and stories go on and on . . .

There’s too much information to consume these days. Our life is getting more and more packed with information and knowledge. We’re running to earn more and learn more. Too much advice, too many suggestions, too many experiences, too many philosophies, and everything is overwhelming. We can’t take this much, but still trying our best to grasp it all. As a result we’re getting more and more frustrated and stressed.

But, let just pause for a moment and take a deep breath of relief. Why?

A Nothing Screen

’Cause this article is not about teaching anything. It won’t suggest or advice on any topic. No complex topics will be introduced here. No experiences will get their place on this digital white paper. This ain’t gonna explain rocket science. No new novel will be released, no advertisement, no — “please like, share and subscribe” request. No life hacks. No pressure on your neurons at all! You can just relax and enjoy doing nothing.

Yes, in this overwhelming time of information and our busy life, it’s important for us to get some Nothing Time, at least a few minutes in a day. 
In this Nothing Time - we won’t learn, we don’t have to race, work can be given a break, we can get out of all the pressure around us, we don’t have to take decisions, we don’t have to judge, we don’t need to compare, we need to to do absolutely nothing at all! We’ve got to relax for 5 mins a day. Those 5 minutes are for the one and only — yourself. Don’t let anything else in this world to touch yourself in this period.

So, Happy Nothing Time :D

This post is inspired by an app called Nothing from The Minimalists.

Nothing app promo!