“That Looks Like a Bad Dude”

Yesterday I watched another video of another black man getting gunned down by the police for nothing. Terence Crutcher was murdered by Betty Shelby after his car stalled out on the highway.

Terence Crutcher

In her report, she claimed he ignored command, didn’t have his hands up, and was acting like a person high on PCP would. From the police helicopter footage, you can hear an officer from the saying “that looks like a bad dude”.

Moments later Terence Crutcher lay dying on the highway. Not one officer on the ground tried to revive him. In fact, no one made a move towards him for over a minute. They just watched him bleed out. Officers in the helicopter make arrangements to block both sides of the highway.

Police standing in front of Terence Crutcher’s body after the shooting

On the flip-side, Ahmad Khan Rahami, the man behind the bombing in NYC and New Jersey over the weekend was taken ALIVE by police when caught. That made me realize one scary thought:

You have a better chance being killed by police for simply being black, than for being a domestic terrorist.

Officer Betty Shelby fired the sole shot that killed Terence.

Four kids are left without a father, a family is left trying to put the pieces together after this tragedy, but Betty is sitting home on paid administrative leave.