5 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Attend Community Meetups

Last Saturday, I hosted two Community meetups with a lot of enthusiastic folks. First one, was the Scapic Community meetup focused on ‘The Future of Content’. We invited Rocketium[Video Content], Canva[Graphical Content] and obviously Scapic[AR/VR/3D/360 degree Content]. The room was full of Content Creators & Startup Enthusiasts who were there to up their content game while building their respective brands.

Scapic Community Meetup at CoWrks, Koramangala

The second community meetup was in the evening organized by PushStart-India’s most active startup community. They have named these meetups as #PushConnect which are organized PAN India. #PushConnect Bangalore was focused on Community Building. Being a Community Builder myself & a good friend of Neeraj(Founder of PushStart Community), I was appointed as the host for the panel at the last moment. Our guest was Harsh Snehanshu- Founder of YourQuote app which is India’s largest original content platform in terms of volume and all because of their strong community.

#PushConnect Bangalore with Neeraj(in the middle) & Harsh(with the mic) at 91springboard, Indiranagar

Both the meetups went really well and I personally got recognized by 70+ folks by face because of being on the stage as a host, shook hands & exchanged cards with almost 30 folks, fist-bumped, shared stories with at least 15 old friends and got 5 potential collaboration opportunities. This all happened in just 5 hours of my weekend while you were just busy in not so important things or probably binge-watching due to lack of awareness.

Smart move, isn’t? But don’t worry, I’ll help you figure it out.

Hence, I’ll again strongly recommend you to invest some part of your weekends in Community Meetups. Following are the few possible benefits you can achieve-

If you’re a Student
1. Awareness (of what’s happening around, new trends & technology)
2. Connection (with your future employer, with your fav organization)
3. Intern/job opportunity (higher chances when offered your skills personally to professionals)
4. Volunteer Opportunity (Good for upgrading your CV)
5. Learning (If you want to create your own brand, channel, social page or anything, you can learn those strategies here)

If you’re a Job Professional —
1. Like-minded folks & a lot of awareness (which you miss being in the same circle with the same people throughout your job)
2. In-real Connections (good for switching jobs & getting referrals)
3. Entrepreneurship opportunity (because many out there are looking for their co-founder)
4. Side projects (a lot of them need people with skill & enthusiasm)
5. Giving back to Community (which has unlimited benefits)

If you’re Business Owner
1. Collaboration & Leads( with other business owners present at the meetup and we all know in-real offering is always better than a cold call)
2. Real-time Feedback (if your product/business is in the building stage, quick pitch to these meetup members will give a good set of feedback to upgrade)
3. Branding & Recognition (which you can manage to get in barter with the meetup organizers)
4. Co-founder/first employee/a good resource (find any of them)
5. Like-business minded (You get to know if anyone else is working on anything similar like your or better than you)

Adding my two bits — in my experience with startup events that offer meaningful content, aspiring entrepreneurs also get great insights and clarity on whether they should actually start-up or not! also many a time founders get the opportunity to meet mentors, investors, incubator owners, beta users, brand champions, and other folks they can collaborate with apart from meeting co-founders and their founding team members. startup events are always special, as a lot of magic happens there :) By Asha Chaudhry

Five common tips for first-timers/everyone to make the most of these small meetups —
1. Be crisp with a pitch about yourself/your product because, at max, you’ll get 30-sec attention to make an influence with another person.
2. Approach people with confidence, deliver your 30-sec pitch and be interested in knowing them(when you’ve less to offer)
3. Carry a visiting card(they solve the purpose of quick networking & are cheap too, get them printed online)
4. Don’t forget to take the visiting card or add them on LinkedIn on the spot. Once home, select the ones you want to be in touch with and drop them an email or message before the impression fades.
5. Click photographs (not aggressively but with an understanding) & tag them on LinkedIn or other social media with their permission along with a Thank You Note to the organizing team/community & the speakers(if any) to make an instant impact.

What do you think?

PS: If you got more reasons & tips which can be added here, please put them down in the comment section. I’ll add the important ones with your name in the courtesy.

And if you’re interested in understanding the science behind meetups and the basics of Community Building, then do give a read to my most-clapped article — http://bit.ly/CMjobHack

Paras Pundir [ The Community Guy ]

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Community Manager | Tech Evangelist | Story-teller | People’s Person

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