Being Single is Awesome — Pascal Okeke

Pascal Okeke
Jan 22, 2018 · 2 min read

I recently got a girlfriend and although am not complaining, here’s a bunch of stuff that makes being single awesome:

Time. Being single affords you all the time in the world. You can do whatever the hell you want whenever you feel like it. There is no responsibility in terms of entertaining anyone, communicating, caring and all that. A relationship can really eat up your time and you find yourself missing the days you could just chill in your boxers, eating a bowl of Garri just to Celebrate #Willie_Obiano‘s Victory without having to worry about anyone else.

Money. Single people have tons of money. Being in a relationship, you’ll find that most of the fun romantic things put a hole in your wallet. As a single dude, almost all my hobbies were free or super close to free. I stayed at home and just write code or cooked a lot of great dishes and ate all of it.

Sex. If you are married, single people are definitely having more sex than you. If you have a girlfriend however, you might be having more sex than when you were single. There comes a time when married people just loose the sex hype and it gets complicated if your partner still wants it. You either do it to please them and ignore your mood or avoid doing it and make them feel unwanted. As for me, I am still a #Virgin even in this hmmmm! Who even wrote this? Hahahaha -:)

You get all good stuff for yourself. Being in a relationship means having to share a plate of beans and plantain and that is just a very bad thing. I know this sounds selfish but having a whole plate of a well prepared beans and plantain to yourself is a great thing. You might argue that I should buy two but then I’ll want both of them for myself.

In overall being single has it’s awesomeness and when you’re not single any more, you miss them. But life is all about change. Relationship life has it’s perks too. You just have to trade some of your great habits and build great ones with another person.

©Pascal Okeke

Pascal Okeke

Software Programmer, Web Developer, Animator, Visual Graphics Artiste, Techpreneur, Creative Analyst, Motivational Speaker and Social media Expert.

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