You make the mistake of thinking that they actually care about the plight of black people.
Chris Goodwin


It’s actually not a mistake. There are plethora of white artists that care about the plight of black people. And although it is a worldwide culture, black people created it and shared it with the world. Yes, I agree we need to make efforts to make the change but how can we do it alone if there isn’t unity amongst human races? Isn’t that what MLK Jr. preached…unity? You’d be stubborn and prideful to think that the “white man” doesn’t have a part in this fight — I mean, they did have a major role in the Civil war. We couldn’t do it alone. Just like them acknowledging their White Privilege is a major piece to the puzzle. So while you read “desperate plea” and “image of helplessness”, others will (and have) continue to read a call out and call to action.

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