It’s my goal to visit every Major League Baseball stadium.

I’ve been to 21 now! Here’s how I rank them:

#1 Fenway Park

  • Home of: Boston Red Sox
  • Attended: 2008 season
  • Reasoning: So much history, picture-perfect day. Took batting practice from on the field. Ortiz went yard.

#2 PNC Park

It starts to build slowly. Just a whisper of thought as the Holiday festivities and New Year’s Resolutions come and go.

Then the days trickle by. Casting relentless darkness that seems to resist any progress to the long-shadows of daylight.

Next, a sporadic dose of what spring brings. A sun-filled…

So where do you start, you ask? I have you covered, of course. Think of it as a simple system of resolution building blocks. It will take time. It will take energy. It will be worth it; trust me.


Schedule uninterrupted time to honestly review your latest round of goals…

I’ve been in Detroit for over a year now, and I felt this was the perfect opportunity to take a second by reflecting on what I’ve learned. With that said, I have this list here that’s in no particular order.

1. Normal is not normal

That abandoned building and boarded up building across the street…

Patrick Hayes

Heroes get remembered but legends never die.

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