Why Time Begins on Opening Day

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It starts to build slowly. Just a whisper of thought as the Holiday festivities and New Year’s Resolutions come and go.

Then the days trickle by. Casting relentless darkness that seems to resist any progress to the long-shadows of daylight.

Next, a sporadic dose of what spring brings. A sun-filled day where snow begins to melt and a smell in the air that beckons a gleeful smile of what is to come.

A Groundhog normally predicts a pessimistic forecast that threatens our patience. It toys with our subconscious excitement of what is right around the corner.

We push forward with welcomed distractions of Super Bowl’s and reports of players being “ in the best shape of their life”.

Media relay reports of pitchers and catchers and your weary smile grows a smidgen more.

And then it happens.

Awaking one morning to the chorus of birds chirping and the aroma of a fresh start fills your nostrils.

You even fail to notice the extra giddy-up in your step at first or being extra chatty in the coffee shop before work.

But then it hits you, and you realize what has hijacked your brain and ability to focus. Baseball Fever has taken full control of your mind and body.

It is now time for a new batch of memories to be written into the course of history. The only guarantee is that each day provides a new opportunity of potential.

We never know exactly when the feeling will hit either. But when it does, we submit fully.

For some, it arrives much earlier than anticipated. And for others, just in the nick of time.

This is the beginning of a new hope. Achieving the unthinkable is possible again.

Last year was a train wreck? Well, this year is our year.

This indescribable feeling builds as dreams of playoff races dance in our heads.

Then the sensation boils over at a spectacle unlike any other. Thousands dodge work and head towards their stadium.

While embracing your unreasonable expectations, you allow yourself to get lost in the moment.

It’s time to celebrate the culmination of America’s Pastime.

For today is Opening Day.

Originally published at http://iampatrickhayes.com on April 3, 2016.

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Heroes get remembered but legends never die.

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