I want to…

How can I choose a single thing,
When all I want to do is to choose everything?

I want to build businesses
Charities as well,
I want to be famous
And learn how to sell!

I want to read books,
Watch movies all day
Maybe I’ll call in sick
And do this on Wednesday?!

I want to get married,
Have kids and a dog
But not until I’ve had
My Kilimanjaro jog!

I love programming,
Really I do,
But what if there are other things
I’m meant to do?

Should I work my ass-of
Trying to build a career?
Or just go YOLO
And live without fear?

Jumping out of planes,
Swimming with sharks and surfing the waves,
It’s what my heart longs for,
But I still want to be there when my grandchildren turn four…

I want to meet amazing people,
And travel the world,
But I’m still scared 
Of planes taking off…

I love biking,
It makes me feel free,
But too much freedom
And I get lonely…

So how can I choose just one career…
One house, one job, one lover
When there’s so much out there
for me to DISCOVER?