Why I Left the Right: How Studying Religion Made Me a Liberal
Susie Meister

So, Jesus spent a lot of time with sinners, the poor and the down trodden. Why? Because man’s religion and government had left them down and out. What did He give them? He gave them hope in eternal life. He did not give them free housing or gold or wealth, He gave them hope and freedom from what enslaved them. Jesus also told us to not put our faith in man and his governments because they are corrupt. I want a small, less powerful government, that has a balanced budget, that spends no money on welfare or gives anything away free. I want a government that listens to the Supreme Power, God. God said not to feed those who would not work! So who should take care of those less fortunate? We should. Not by giving money to a government or an organization that spends the vast majority on salaries of those who run the charities but by given our own money and time in a one on one situation. You find the man a job. You help cloth and place them in a shelter, you help them get on their feet. If they chose to not work, you turn them out and help someone who really needs and wants help.

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