What I Learned in 7 Years of Tracking Gratitude
Tiago Forte

It’s 3am here in the middle of this lonely night. I went ahead and took the first step to wrote my very 1st Gratitude list. And till moments just before I started jolting down endlessly; there was an certain doubt in my head that “Did I really have what it takes to write it down or I’m gonna just make up stuff before I actually come across some fancy enlightenment ??? If I’m doing so, am I being unfaithful to myself ???”. An million questions popped in those tract. But to my surprise, once I started doing so I myself didn’t have any clue on from where actually this stuff is been pouring from. I couldn’t resist the urge to stop doing so. I went from “Let’s fake it for the 1st time” to “Let’s give it a break too”. I mean even in this very brief exercise of mine I have came across countless moments which I evidently wants to store it as my tressure for life. And I don’t know why I kept myself wary of it till now.

Thank you, Tiago. For igniting the spark. And tonight I also make promise to myself that this flame stays with to my last breath. (I know it sounds cliché but I couldn’t resist)

With Warm Hugs & endless Regards. -Pk.