Flo menu helps users keep the secondary, but important actions accessible.

A mobile screen mockup shows a prototype of the flo menu.
A mobile screen mockup shows a prototype of the flo menu.

When it comes to using my phone, I’m a thumb guy and I like using my phone held in one hand. Well, apparently 49% of us prefer it like this.

But, using my phone this way wasn’t a pain until the screen size was let’s say 5" or less. Then came the era of super huge screens. Navigating through all the options in my favourite apps became a good exercise for my thumbs. Often it needed an extra hand.

Obviously, iOS’s one-hand mode pretty much solves this problem but with an additional step (double tap on the home button). But…

The dark mode has been the talk of the town in the design world for quite some time now. With all the popular messaging apps and even the operating systems turning to dark mode, many apps have already switched to this new trend. In this article, I’ll try to explain the fundamentals of dark mode design, and later we’ll try to design a couple of screens for Snapchat to deepen our understanding of the best practices.

Obviously, we need to understand that all standard practices that are followed while designing for the normal mode like spacing, positioning, font-emphasis, etc. continue…

Let me start with two statements. First, Slack is one of my all-time favourite tools. And second, no product is perfect. But it appears, Slack had ticked off almost all the items on my UX checklist for the tool.

A little over a couple of days ago, I received the much talked-about ‘new design’ for our workspace. I had already read about the changes and I had my notes ready! :D

For over 4 years (that’s how long I’ve been working), I have used Slack every single day (Almost). Being a designer & PM, I never found it difficult to…

Srikanth Padmasola

I like talking all things product, design, and marketing | Current: Brand Strategy @ FACE | Cricket, Cycling, Rap Music, MCU, Muay Thai | BZA | MAS | SBC | CBE

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