Let go of limiting beliefs and embrace your true self.

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror, and thought, “I am not good enough?” I have.

For many years, I let this limiting belief define me. I became so self-conscious about everything, from the way I looked, to what I wore, to the ideas and thoughts I believe, you name it! I would always ask myself, “What is wrong with me?”

Low self-esteem had consumed me and endured years of pain and suffering. I told myself, “I am not good enough.” I constantly measured my weaknesses and self-worth against other’s strengths and successes. …

“What you think you become;

What you feel you attract;

What you imagine you create.”

Buddha’s famous quote, couldn’t be more accurate.

Sometimes we think the worst, most defeating thoughts about ourselves and we may not realize how bad they are until we voice them out loud. Since we would never talk to our best friends in this way, why is it OK to speak to ourselves this way? It’s not, so let’s stop!

“Why do we say the things we do to ourselves that we wouldn’t ever say, or even think about, to our best friends? …

Rachel Brooks

Fitness & Lifestyle Author and Podcaster who empowers women to become their best selves and live with passion and purpose.

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