Music: The Divine Connect!

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Music therapy has been used for ages as a way to restore energy, improve mood, and even help the body heal more naturally. Studies have shown that when we sing a hormone called Endorphin is released which evokes happiness and enhances the mood. Musical time-outs are a way to calm your body and brain with soothing rhythms and to slow down your heart rate and help you breathe easier. It has the possibility to be a muse that allows people to get their creative juices flowing. Our music choices can also predict our personality.

The art of music is divine and effective. It is the food of the soul and spirit. Through the power and charm of music, the spirit of man is uplifted. Recall the blissful feeling when you listen to a soul-stirring song. The spirit of the music moves me. It moves you. The beauty of music is that there is something for everyone. Whether poor or affluent, living in a city or small hamlet, 7 years old or 70 years old, music is a common thread in all of our lives. Jazz, pop, classic, Sufi, rock, country, EDM, easy listening – there is bound to be a genre that makes you come alive. It seeps into arts and culture, finds expression in language, and has a great effect on lifestyle.

How effortlessly the strings of a guitar and a soulful voice connect strangers, goes beyond all precincts. It’s amazing how a lyric of a favorite song on the radio pours out our emotions. How the memories attached with the song comes flooding back when you listen to it somewhere. Not many artists can create a record that stirs the soul, but this seems to come easy for certain musicians who emerge to become legends.

Feed your soul with the music that is the food of love, the ingredient to live a wondrous life. Let’s cheer in what takes silence and noise away from our lives and adds joy to the world. Drown out the noise, soak in the music. Pop in your earphones and sing along!