Choose the Middle

2 min readDec 3, 2015


Choose the Middle (Short by

Our generation is generally regarded as the here and now. We are considered to be the first true digital generation. Nothing is out of our grasps, it’s at most two Google searches away.

In the UK, millennials account for roughly a quarter of the British population, which by 2019 is estimated to rise to 17million people (Bauer Knowledge).

I was asked to come up with a short of my own choosing, and this one phrase had been running through my head.

Millennial, I am

I started with that one phrase… “MILLENNIAL, I AM”.

Consequently, I had to start with myself. I do not speak for millennials as a whole, but I wanted to put into perspective what my day looks like and what does it take to be a millennial?

More importantly, as a distinct generation with our own set of challenges and opportunities, what do we take for granted and what do we embrace?

Choose the Middle

Our generation has many freedoms our parents did not. We live in relative comfort and have more options available to us, hence ‘Choose the Middle’. We are afforded those choices many are not, at home and abroad.

We Choose the Middle not because it is easy, but because we can.
(Adaptation of JFK’s infamous ‘Moon’ speech from 1962)

An adaptation of such a famous quote is very brazen of me, but it’s important because it was a turning point for a nation.

As John F Kennedy used his speech in 1962 to rally a nation towards the American Moon landing, it felt like a turning point on the cusp of something bigger.

Beyond Millennials

Whilst we were first to pick up a smartphone and capture the opportunities presented by the digital instruments in our lives, it is surely the next generation to look to.

The children of Generation X are picking up iPads and mobile devices before they can walk.

Imagine the choice and freedoms afforded to them if the Millennial world is anything to go by.

Maybe they’ll make better decisions than we can.