Where Is Home? What Does Really It Mean?

I’m constantly analyzing the idea of home. The significance of it, what it actually means, and if it’s even real.

Awhile ago, someone told me that I really didn’t know what home meant on the inside. They went on to say that I didn’t have home in my heart so it would always be hard to find. I let those words play around in my head for quite sometime. They made me tired even, as I tried to chase them around. Maybe they were right. Until I saw this lamp on a beautiful night in Bali a few months ago.

The answers I’ve been looking for about home and what it means in my life came to me.

There is no home. Everything gets old. The excitement eventually levels out everywhere. Therefore, it’s always a chance to experience new environments. In my personal opinion, home is movement. Home is motion. Home is exploration. Home is curiosity. Home is wander. Home is learning. Home is finding. Home is getting lost.

Being blessed with ability to see the world, I’ve concluded one thing: everyone is searching for one feeling, and one feeling only. Everybody wants to belong. Home to me is a sense of belonging. Home is about quality relationships. Home is about meaningful relationships. Wherever you don’t feel like you belong, you should examine your efforts and reasons why you want to make it home.

I miss DC. I miss Berlin. I miss South Africa. I miss Sydney. I miss New York. I miss San Sebastián. I miss Rotterdam. I miss Bali. I miss Taipei. I miss Houston. I miss San Francisco. I miss Melbourne. I miss Voorhees. I miss Christchurch. I miss Singapore. I miss Portland. Missing a few places, but you get where I’m going.

Every place provided a sense of what home means to me, but not enough for me to abandon my idea of it. The more we see, the larger our worldview becomes. If not, it’s like reading one page of the same book forever.

I’m sure there are ways to rediscover the concept of home in one place over and over again. However, I prefer to discover and build a connection with home in as many places as I can, while I can.

I don’t proclaim this to be “right” or “wrong.” These are just my vulnerable thoughts.