What Can We Learn From Vincent Van Gogh…

​This is one of 900+ paintings that Vincent Van Gogh was unable to find anyone willing to purchase. Today 100 million dollars wouldn’t even touch what it’s worth.

​Throughout his life, Van Gogh was only able to sell one painting and went to the grave, feeling like a complete failure.

What a tragedy!!

One of the greatest artist who ever lived, went to the grave feeling the same way, millions of people do every day.

My friends, the greatest art ever made, is often ahead of it’s time.

So, don’t worry if no one appreciates what you do. Time will tell the truth!

In the meantime, keep doing your thing…keep creating, keep inspiring, keep doing the work.

You like Van Gogh may just be a man/woman ahead of their time. Someday in the not so distant future, you’ll be recognized as the genus you always were.

Until then, keep making epic art, and in the process have fun!!

Much love,