This year, my Chale Wote entries will feature kids at the festival. How they saw the street arts. I’m happy to show you their priceless reactions as seen from my Nikon D5000. Each reaction comes with its own story, which I will try as much as possible to tell you.

You can write your own story about the pictures if you want. I’ll help you out by numbering each of the entries, so you write your own story or caption according to the entry.

Chale Wote Street Art Festival is organized by the guys at Accra Dot Alt. This is my second time attending Chale Wote Street Art Festival, the first one being 2014 edition. I love art, photos, and people. This year, I didn’t quite see the artistic side of Chale Wote, most of the artists were not present to tell the stories behind their works.

I shunned away from the grown-ups, with their weird(awesome) fashion sense this year, because I wanted to focus more on the kids + I love their Tees!

1. Some were awe-stricken by Raps by Artistes featured on Yoyo Tinz’s Robot Sapien. Sometimes, you just gotta fold your hands and listen to the beats.
2. Some came in with grown man haircut and jeans jacket looking all grown up.
3. Whiles others will looking all grown uppy, (is that even a word?), others stuck to the sentient species
4. He wondered how the Selfie stick works, got to know it, and showed his beautiful smile :-)
5. Or you can just sit and stare — that one too is allowed.
6. Some really were part of the art, like this fella here.
7. and this one here who looked like a Movie director
8. When all is said and done — wave goodbye to the crowd (this one here is my fave!)

I’ll be uploading more on my Instagram , you should check them out

PS: I promise to write here often.

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