My Phobia defeated by me

The extreme fear of something is known as Phobia. There are different kinds of phobias. Read the story of Meera who was suffering from chorophobia and her journey to defeat it.

“Hey see Phobiagirl is coming” someone shouted. Meera was very upset as people used to tease her by making fun of her and creating her names. Actually when she was five years old, she got chorophobia, fear of dance. The doctor told her parents about it. Till now, being ten years old, she is still suffering from this Phobia. However, she entered her home, her sister, mother and father welcomed her. Her family supported her so much. But she could not forget how people used to make fun of her Phobia. Whenever, Meera felt upset, she used to lock herself inside her room and did not talk to anybody.

One day, when Meera was doing lunch in her classroom suddenly, a group of several girls sat near to her. “See, Who is doing the lunch?” one of them said. “Oh! She is Phobiagirl.” another girl commented. Their leader or the most worst of them said “Do you know! People who have Phobia should lock themselves in a room. If not! Then they will listen from people.” Meera was feeling unpleasant due to the comments of those girls.

Suddenly, class monitor Megha came and she scolded the girls and ordered them to go outside. “Meera, Are you okay?” She asked. “They are right, I should lock myself indoors” Meera replied to Megha. Megha was the girl with self-respect and she wanted others to be same too. She was very angry when she saw that Meera is loosing her self-confidence. “You have two hands and two legs. You are capable of dancing. Now it is a time to show them that you can defeat your fear.” She said. Meera was listening her quietly. “You have to choose whether you want to live a life of fear or a life of winner.” She continued.

Megha’s those last words made Meera to rethink on her decision. After thinking for almost two hours. Meera went to her parents and asked “I want to learn dance.” Her parents were shocked that how their daughter who has been having a chorophobia is asking for having a dance class. However, They agreed.

Weeks passed, it was really a mammoth task for Meera to learn dance. At first, She was not able to see her teacher teaching her dance steps. Many times she fainted but she never gave up.

Then after a hard training of two years, Meera became master of dance. She has won many championships and recently she is a contestant of World’s Dance Championship — Teen vs Teen. Now, when she is of sixteen many people do not believe that once she had a fear of dance. People used to say that it is 'impossible' and just a 'rumour' about her.

She has many people to thank. Megha, the one who made her realise, her family who supported her in each decision. And today, those who used to make fun of Meera are surprised and embarrassed on their behaviour towards her.