Fired up, ready to go

It’s pretty amazing to know that you can do whatever you want in life. That you alone can build whichever life you imagine. All you have to do is go for it. As I flew into London this morning, it occurred to me that I’m doing exactly that — right now.

Since I left Rainmaking, I made a promise to myself: 2017 had to be the year of profound change and impact. I had no idea what it would look like, but it had a few prerequisites:

  1. Any project I start, or engage in, has to have a clear ‘why’
  2. It has to deliver real impact and be human-centered
  3. It has to involve people that I genuinely want to work with
  4. It has to push me outside my comfort zone

So what am I doing this week? (and you could be doing this too)’

  • Helping a friend develop a proposal for a business book
  • Exploring developing a corporate innovation board game to crowdfund
  • Doing research on a potential documentary on Leadership
  • Exploring a startup idea
  • Teaching at my old business school in Copenhagen
  • Catching up with friends in London

As soon as you connect with your own ‘what’t it for’ — all you have to do is ‘act as if’.

Are you fired up and ready to go?

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