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It is no more news that the number of employees getting unsatisfied with their job is increasing. What is not clear is WHY!

Some might say it is as a result of low salary. While this might not be totally ruled out, however, it is not the sole reason or major purpose for being unhappy at work. In fact, when I quit my first job, the pay was good for a young man just starting out in life and it has growth prospect. Also, I had once taken a job whose pay was way below what I should be earning at that time but I totally love the role. Hence, my decision to take the job. I equally have a very brilliant dude working with me for no fixed pay and we have been together for about 3 years.

So what then could be responsible for being unhappy with one’s job?

From my more than 5 years experience at different cadre in different organisations and interaction with so many employees most especially millennials, I have realised that there is nothing responsible for unhappiness at a job other than not being able to define “why you are doing what you are doing.” That is, not knowing why you are in the role/job/organisation you currently occupy.

Our inability to define our aim in life and corresponding plan to get us to attain that particular aim is why we take up any role/job in whatever organisation that comes our way. We do this without having deep thought on where we are heading in life.

Yes, you might say times are hard and the salary is important. While I am not arguing that fact, though debatable, why is it that someone earning a ‘fat’ salary still gets unhappy with his job? It is because the job does not tally with his life goals, which makes him unfulfilled, hence, he becomes unhappy with his job.

The sad part is that, for every day you go to work and you are unhappy with your job, you will not give your best. And by this, you will be shortchanging not just your employer but yourself. You will not be productive and you will miss the learning’s you are supposed to gain from that job.

To salvage the situation, what you should do from now moving forward, is to be true to yourself and ask yourself what is it that you want in life and how can the role you currently occupy assist you in achieving your life aim. It might take some time to define it but kindly do it, as this will bring out the best version of yourself to life and that is what the world is waiting for.

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