Why I Wrote My Book Titled — “How To Quit Your 9–5 Without Regret”

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Last week, I did a writing series showcasing the benefits of my new book (title above) and why you need to get a copy.

What I did not really talk about was the reason behind writing the book. I will make an attempt to talk about it in this article but not the whole reason because doing that will amount to the article too long and I don’t want to bore you. Hopefully, as you stick with me in this journey, you will get to know more.

Let’s cut to the chase.

In the year 2012, I got a job as a Lecturer in my alma mater but 10 months down the line, I resigned. I know you might say WHAT?! But I did!

Four months before resigning when I started nurturing the idea, I invested in a poultry farm with a friend and also started saving some money to assist me after resigning and before the poultry begin to bring in revenue.

Then, I quit my job to pursue my idea of starting a Waste Management business which I had also registered before resigning. My final year project was related to the utilisation of Waste and I saw huge potential in it as a resource. And because I have always loved to create jobs for people, I thought I could achieve that aim of mine through the waste management business. Also, I have been a lover of the environment while growing up so everything seems to be in order.

But alas! Things were tougher than I expected. What I thought I knew wasn’t enough. The people I was talking to loved the idea but were not ready to pay for my service. I tried and did all I could but all to no avail. Business wasn’t moving as it should. Everything went south!

During this period, I secured another job but I resigned again. It wasn’t what I wanted. I got into another employment which was more like what I wanted but had to quit again after 7 months.

While still hustling, an opportunity to get a World Bank Scholarship came up in my alma mater, I went for it in a bid to go back into the system. I wrote the exam and when it was time for the oral interview, I was kicked out due to the fact that I resigned earlier and the head of the panel had reservations regarding that. He wasn’t sure if I will stay till the end of the programme.

And in my mind, I really wanted the scholarship because one of my life aims is to get a Doctorate degree (I will still do by God’s grace once I have the resources).

Was I hurt due to his decision? NO.

But I was pained because I needed the opportunity the scholarship would avail me.

To say that I was broke during that period will be an understatement. Added to that is the embarrassment you get from people whom you don’t expect to get it from plus everything in between which you can think of.

Fast forward to today, I am grateful for where I am and I made it a point of duty to myself to share how not to be in such embarrassing situation which I found myself during those periods.

You need to get certain things right starting from the onset when you start a job as this will assist you in your career and personal growth. This is because you do not know what will happen in some few years down the line. Your interest might change, you might feel unfulfilled after some years or get dissatisfied along the line. And you wouldn’t want to wait until that time before you start taking advantage of the opportunity your job offers as it might be too late or you might not even be able to see those opportunities because your mind would have been “messed up”.

So I implore you to get a copy of my book, read it, and begin to know what you should start doing right away before you get to the point of thinking to quit. And one thing is certain, we will all leave our job one day. So why not start getting equipped before that time. And as you might know, luck is when opportunity meets preparation.


Speak to you soon.

To Your Phenomenal Achievement always!

Suhaib Arogundade

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