Ribbit.me Has a New Website (Sept 2015)

Post by Greg Simon, CEO & Co-Founder, Ribbit.me (@GregorylSimon)
This was a quick post to announce the redesign of our website — not exactly newsworthy stuff, but we were pretty happy with it…baby steps!

This is Greg Simon, Co-Founder of Ribbit.me. First off, happy Friday! What better day to announce the launch of our new website. We’ve updated it and simplified it for the busy you. Check us out at:http://ribbit.me/.

Behind the scenes we’ve been forging ahead tirelessly working on the final bits of our RibbitRewards coalition and branded rewards platform. We recently launched our RibbitRewards Digital Wallet (http://wallet.ribbit.me/), one of the three components of our platform along with the Loyalty Network and Marketplace.life. Handiwork of our Chief Architect Shannon Code, the digital wallet includes innovative features such as multi-digital currency and loyalty support, zero trust 100 percent client side data encryption, automatic cloud backup storage and it’s own proprietary webrtc p2p mesh network with a custom blockchain.

You can also now buy RibbitRewards on Cryptsy, along with Bittrex and in your multi-currency Holy Transaction wallet. Additional liquidity options are coming!

More exciting stuff is just around the corner. Keep your eye out for Marketplace.life and soon after our Loyalty Network, built on blockchain technology.

Soon you will be able to keep track of all of your digital loyalty such as rewards, coupons and gift-cards, in one easy to use digital wallet, and aggregate the value into the rewards you use most. Your rewards represent the value of YOUR loyalty anyways! We are putting the freedom of use of your loyalty into your hands, where it should be.

Exciting times are just ahead as Ribbit.me together with you revolutionizes the way loyalty is rewarded.

Have a great weekend!

Greg Simon

Co-Founder, Ribbit.me

Blog post by @gregorylsimon