RibbitRewards™ /HolyTransaction’s Multi-Currency Wallet Integration (Aug 2015)

Post by Sean Dennis, Co-Founder & COO, Ribbit.me (@iamseandennis)
An old post by me about getting RibbitRewards into HolyTransactions Wallet — super important at the time as it would allow exchange instantly with other digital coins.

Ribbit.me™ and HolyTransaction have been working together on this integration since we connected in 2014. Our blockchain-based coalition reward, RibbitRewards (RBR), is being integrated into HolyTransaction’s multi-currency and instant exchange wallet! We’re really excited by this move and it’s another great tool to promote the ease-of-use of RibbitRewards.

Have a look at https://holytransaction.com/ for more information about them. They have been great to work with and provide a great service.

So far, HolyTransaction users have access to, and instant in-wallet exchange capabilities for, the following digital currencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Blackcoin, Mastercoin, TetherUS and now, RibbitRewards!

What this means for Ribbit.me is that our users can receive RibbitRewards into a HolyTransaction wallet, and from there, they can either store or exchange them, in-wallet, for any one of the above coins! This makes the experience for our users so much easier, especially when using our online P2P Marketplace.life™ launching soon — buyers and sellers can purchase or receive payment in any of these digital currencies, and instantly exchange them for a preferred digital currency, as needed.

This, coupled with our recently announced, and soon to be released dedicated Digital Wallet, is the first of many of our client-facing releases that will see RibbitRewards move into the spotlight in 2015/16.

Have a great weekend everyone!


CEO, Ribbit.me

Blog post by @iamseandennis