Women in Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology (Dec 2014)

Post by Sean Dennis, Co-Founder & COO, Ribbit.me (@iamseandennis)

Post by me looking at the gender inequality in the blockchain world — The Tech world is notoriously male dominated, and the blockchain space is no different. Something we need to keep pushing for!: When I first got into the Digital Currency space, I was acutely aware that it was a massively male dominated industry, much as the tech startup world was in its infancy when it was the realm of young geek men out there.

We have watched this change over the years and it has become far more egalitarian and in line with many other industries out there, if not better, which is great to see — it attracts a young, hungry and trendy crowd not willing to accept what the established industries have to offer.

Look at Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo! In 2013 at the age of 38, she was ranked as the eighth most powerful businesswomen in America by Fortune magazine!

Well, the Crypto and Blockchain world has a long way to catch up. A quick visit to any of the numerous Bitcoin conferences around the world will give you a glimpse into just how male-dominated this industry is, and that’s something I want to help to change.

There are some incredible startups in the space now, and it is great to see some of the more recently successful ones with women at the helm or playing a massive part. This is a trend that is going to continue to grow and to help put Blockchain technology into the homes of America and around the world so that Blockchain tech is not just the reserve of the traditional male geek!

Look at some of the women making waves in the Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology space right now. These women are at the forefront and leading the way (in no particular order and sorry for the incredible people I have missed out — please mention them in the comment section):

Catheryne Nicholson, CEO of BlockCypher (@Catheryne_N)

Catheryne is a former US Naval Officer and mother of two young kids. She is a serial entrepreneur, and prior to BlockCypher, she co-founded MommaZoo, a mobile web app for parents to build communities around their kids’ schools.

Since she discovered Blockchain technology, she’s been on a mission as Co-Founder of BlockCypher, and has faced and beaten all barriers in her way (including not taking no for an answer from Y Combinator, instead falling into Adam Draper’s family at Boost). Catheryne is doing great things in the space, and is an inspiration. I am really looking forward to meeting her one day soon.

Elizabeth Ploshay, Account Manager of BitPay and Board Member of the Bitcoin Foundation (@etploshay)

Elizabeth, I have had the pleasure of meeting, and I really enjoyed her passion for all things Bitcoin and Blockchain related. She is incredibly talented and knowledgeable, and is a great part of the BitPay team. She is on the Board of the Bitcoin Foundation, and very vocal publicly about the benefits of Bitcoin, (coming from a political background as Assistant to a US member of Congress), she brings a different perspective into the space.

Paige Freeman, VP of Sales BITNET (@paigefreeman)

As Co-Founder of Women in Bitcoin, Paige has already had an impressive career within the Bitcoin world, she was formerly VP of Sales for BitPay (before switching to BITNET). She is also a co-founder of Women in Bitcoin meetups and has done great things to make Blockchain Technology more accessible to women.

Marcia Danzeisen, CMO of Ribbit.me (@DanzeisenM)

Former Head of Global Marketing & Communications for the largest provider of payments and banking technology in the world, FIS, Marcia’s vast experience has landed her a special spot at Ribbit.Me, the company that I co-founded (the world’s first rewards program using blockchain technology, backed by its own marketplace accepting all currencies — including digital currencies — as payment). And we couldn’t be happier with her! 2015 finds her on the Bitcoin conference speaking circuit, starting with The North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC) in January in Miami.

Tina Hui, CEO of Follow the Coin (@TinaHui)

I’m really looking forward to meeting Tina in real life. We’ve had the odd exchange over twitter and email, and she’s doing great work for Digital Currencies. As CEO of @followthecoin, Tina reports on the main goings on in the space and does it in a way that engages the audience and makes it fun where it should be. She comes from a Journalism background, but has already had an illustrious career as a serial entrepreneur with several businesses under her belt in marketing and strategy consulting working with some big company names out there.

Tatiana Moroz, Founder of Tatianacoin (@queentatiana)

Tatiana is a Singer Songwriter and Bitcoin activist. She started Tatianacoin to raise awareness within the music industry about Blockchain technology and is a Sales Director and contributor to Bitcoin Magazine, as well as being very vocal to the press about Bitcoin. My Ribbit.me team has had the privilege of speaking on a few panels with her.

Connie Gallippi, Founder of BitGive (@conniegallippi)

Connie comes from over 14 years of Charity experience before discovering and becoming involved with Bitcoin. Since then, she has done incredible work as Founder and Director of BitGive, a California-based non-profit charity that has taken Bitcoin to the forefront in the sector and has worked tirelessly to enable already established and new charities out there to accept Bitcoin donations.

And others like Arianna Simpson of BitGo (@AriannaSimpson), Pua Pyland A.K.A The Bitcoin Wife (@TheBitcoinWife), and Sarah Weinberg of SNAPCARD (@joinsnapcard) to name a few.

There are more and more people seeing and learning about the benefits of Blockchain technology, so we are going to continue to see this industry develop and have more incredible people joining the ranks, both men and women, so it’s going to be really exciting to be part of. As Ribbit.me continues to grow, we will look to recruit the best people we can to add to our already incredible team and establish partnerships with the best companies out there.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings!


CEO Ribbit.me

Blog post by @iamseandennis