The Nitty-Gritty of Shipping Cars

You probably never gave a thought to how your car and all others get from the mill, possibly to the car dealership and then to the roads. It is another level of activities in the automotive industry and an interesting one for that matter.

You need to get yourself prepared for a journey into a new world, into “how to ship a car”

Varieties of goods are bought and delivered on a daily basis you will say, why should that of a car be something else?

Matt Chasen, the CEO of uShip, gives an insight into the shipping industry. Since an estimated 15 billion cars are shipped every year, he says that the for-hire freight market is a $400 billion business, and estimates personal vehicle shipping to rake in $5 billion per year.

Since a car is an expensive product as well as bulky, the process of shipping it will expectedly be a little intricate. But, auto shipping industries, otherwise known as “auto movers” handle that aspect quite efficiently.

The following are some reasons for auto-shipping a car:

  • You wouldn’t want a mileage put on the car if you have a mind of re-selling it.
  • You will want to save time and cut out the stress involved.
  • You saw an out-of-state used car on the internet and wish to purchase it.
  • A distant collector has that super car you’ve been longing for.
  • You want to save a lot of money as regards hotel fees and fueling especially when shipping from far distances, like from New York city to San Francisco a distance of 2,916 miles.
  • You intend to fly to your winter home and want your whip to be waiting for you.
  • You had a breakdown or accident far away and want the car recovered.

Shipping a car has a lot attached to it. The following processes details how to ship a car.

1. Contact an auto shipping industry

Since you may practically know nothing about shipping of cars, you’ll need the services of experts in the business. Your local listings will be of service here.

For you not to be ripped off, however, you may require a broker. The industry is made up of two companies, car shipping carriers who set the price and car shipping brokers who make sure you are not price gouged since there is an active competition.

2. Record your car’s data

The information regarding your car is a very necessary tool. Such as the make, model, year, mileage and running cost. You’ll need all these in order not to be charged any extra cost after the shipment.

3. Pick a shipping method

There are two main methods of auto-shipping cars, the single tow rig, and a fully enclosed container. While the tow rig will be cheaper for you, your car may have to suffer some dings, scratches, and dents. The enclosed container will deliver your car in one piece but you need to cough out roughly 60 percent extra.

4. A game of patience

A car is not just any package, it is a valuable and prized possession. A little patience must, therefore, be exercised. Shipping in the United States takes about four weeks, while international deliveries take six to eight weeks from time of pick up.

5. Settle the necessary fees

You’ll be required to pay some amount upfront, that’s okay. But do ensure that you don’t pay all the fees, until after delivery. If a company asks for a non-refundable deposit, it’s a phony and you’ve got to run. From the United States to Europe the cost should be between $750 to $2000.

6. Don’t go for only delivery and price quote

You’ll need to be technical about the quote. You must check for the rate, range, insurance coverage and customer satisfaction as well, request for the written coverage. The United States Department of Transportation (USDOT), insists that all auto shippers must carry liability and cargo insurance. The industry standard is $50,000.

Don’t, however, depend solely on the auto shipping industry for your insurance. Make sure your car is solidly insured. Remember you didn’t pick it for just a few bucks.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has a hotline you can call anytime to lodge complaints and sort out issues regarding the auto shipping industry.

7. Check your vehicle thoroughly

Since the car you want to ship will be checked by the company, it will be in your own interest if you do the same and then compare notes. You can even go the extra mile of taking photographs of the vehicle before and after delivery.

The only other way to get your car without going through an auto shipping industry is to get a driver but be ready to pay through the nose.