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Frontend Performance Optimization

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DNS resolution is the first thing that happens when a request is made to a remote server. It is a process of finding the computer-friendly address of the remote server using a human-friendly domain name.

There are few performance improvement possibilities like perfect cache invalidation time. Preferring A record over CNAME. But before all these let's understand how DNS resolution actually works.

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  1. A network request is made to the server using its domain name.
  2. The browser first checks its DNS cache, if present use the IP address else asks Operating System.
  3. Operating System checks it’s cache (and few more things like host file) if present return it else asks resolver. …

Make an informative decision before picking another optimization suggestion

lighthouse image to present too much depth and hidden things
lighthouse image to present too much depth and hidden things

When someone starts looking for optimizing the performance of their web application they immediately come across this tool called lighthouse by google.

Lighthouse is an awesome tool to quickly find out the performance issues in your web application and list down all the actionable items. This list helps you quickly fix the issues and see the green color performance score on your lighthouse report. With time lighthouse has become a defacto standard for web performance measurement and Google is pushing it everywhere from chrome dev tools to browser extensions, page speed insight to, and even webmaster search console. …

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