The cat’s day out!

I tell you a story of a curious cat who always lived in her own world of fantasy and dreamland. She would spend hours and day dreaming and thinking what should she do in life. Many a time she would ask god and console herself that one day she would do a lot of things. She was not lazy but then she wanted to do things which excite her. Everything was going simple in her life, the regular monotonous way until one day she saw a door and it was written “travel”. She wanted to go in but then she crossed it and went further. Later while returning, she saw the door once again. She had earlier thought that the place would be empty as the door was shut prominently but this time, she did not know why but she could not help herself and just entered the door. The most interesting thing was that she was not even supposed to come to this side of the world and it was just a sheer coincidence.

Now she entered and whispered ‘hello’ hoping that someone would be there. Then a voice invited her in and as she moved towards the voice, she saw someone spectacular sitting at the corner and she did not know that was the king of the jungle. He appeared to be really normal but the cat had actually disturbed him but still with perfect politeness he asked her what is she doing there on X-Mas. As she explained the lion took her to his cave where he lived his dreams. No one was ever allowed to that cave. He smiled and as he talked the cat looked at him and wondered that how is talking exactly what was in her heart. The cat just spoke about the noble cause but inside her, a different story was being revealed. She sat there for a while. He promised to help with the cause and invited her for a cup of tea. This she never knew was the beginning of something amazingly new.

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