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Shubham Upadhyay
Sep 5, 2019 · 4 min read

Kickstarting #Developer Meetups at Skillenza 🔥

Meetups are the best way to build a community, bringing people of the common interest together and listening to their stories and experiences. We at Skillenza are Kickstarting with Developer Meetups across India to build a community of professional developers a.k.a Devengers.

Who are Devengers?
[Developers + Avengers ==Developers turned into avengers]
Devengers think twice, code once.
This initiative is focused on creating a substantial shift in developer relations and bringing like-minded developers from around the globe. The program revolves around building community, evangelizing new technology and trends in the current scenario.

We started with our first Developer Meetup at Hyderabad on Building Production Grade Serverless Application.
So, the first question is!

What is Serverless?
Serverless is an execution model where the cloud provider (Azure, AWS or Google Cloud) is responsible for executing a piece of code by dynamically allocating the resources, putting it in more simpler words — Abstraction of Servers, Event-Driven/Instant Scale & Micro Billing.

Our first speaker Ritesh Modi [Regional Director at Microsoft] delivered a fantastic session on serverless, explaining them the basics of serverless to the future possibilities of the serverless computing.

Ritesh Modi — Talking on Serverless Computing

Serverless is excellent! There are few key points mentioned by our speaker, which makes it great such as- DevOps Productivity, Focus on Business Logic, Faster time to market. He also explained about the different cloud platforms and how does each one be different from one another.

The application platform has been evolving from On-Premises to Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service) to Paas(Platform as a Service) and then now it comes to Serverless. Summing it up, it was a great session by Ritesh Modi. A Session; Covering up basics and the advancements of serverless.

We had a short break for networking over snacks & coffee and then we started with our second speaker.

Architecture of Serverless

Ronak Samantray [Co-Founder & CTO Nowfloats] He & his team have developed their own Open-Source Cloud Agnostics Serverless know as Kitsune which is used to build serverless applications and various other applications. The session was more about the architecture o serverless and how different frameworks are used in making .applications using serverless.

Ronak had some great analogies around Infrastructure as a Service and Edge Computing, He took the example of Temples and Mosques and explained what happens when the devotees increase during the peak time? It gets crowded, and they don’t get to worship the same goes with the Iaas and Edge Computing, the users don’t get control and responsiveness.

Serverless is the real application for the future; We have access to more compute on our hand like the smartphone is the most prominent example which we use daily and taking count of IoT which is growing exponentially.

So Still, One question remains unanswered — What is the difference between Cloud Native and Serverless?
Cloud-native models using containerised software in a continuous delivery approach could benefit from serverless computing where the cloud vendor generates the exact amount of resources required to run a workload on the fly. Serverless is a bit of a misnomer.
That’s too much techie! Right? Let me put it in simpler words —

“If Buddhism is Cloud-native, Meditation is serverless.” — The religion analogy.

By — Ronak Samantray

The session covered up the architecture of serverless and how to deploy the applications on different cloud platforms such as (Azure, AWS & Google Cloud).

Simon Wardley mentioned a quote two years ago “The Future is Serverless.

Summing it all up, It was a great session by both of our speakers and was a fantastic experience for me to host my First #DeveloperMeetup as a #DevRel.

Speakers & Team- Devengers

Some links which would help you to learn more about serverless:

A big thanks to Microsoft India for Sponsoring us for our Meetup and iKeva for providing us with the venue also mentioning Coderplex the Co-Organizers of the meetup.
Kudos to my teammates at Skillenza!

Shubham Upadhyay

Written by

21 | #DevRel @Skillenza | OpenSource ♥️ @mozilla @hackferencein @devrelcommunity | Community Evangelist #DevRel #CMGR 🗣️ | Avid Traveller ✈️

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