Diaries are cool: the purpose of self-writing

Writing a diary is cool. But it’s not something you get to proudly shout. I mean, you wouldn’t put in your resume: “Best skill: Diary writing“. People would rather say: “I wrote a novel” or “I own a blog“. But “I own a diary ?????” like who’s gonna read it anyway.

Well, there’s no need to be ashamed if you own a diary. Because writing, even if it’s not meant to be read by others, is also writing.

So, what is the purpose of self-writing? What are the benefits?

1- Reflection

It’s quite reassuring to let your ideas flow on a piece of paper.

That’s why I consider writing as a form of meditation. During a few minutes, you’re only focusing on one thing: your mind.

Main question: what are you thinking about?

2- Memories

Dear Diary, today I went to Disneyland. And cried on the rollercoaster“.

The main stereotype of the diary is that it is sequenced in time; first you write the date, then “dear xxx“, then you relate your journey.

When you’re afraid of forgetting an event, you can easily reference it by writing on your journal.

Main question: what did you do today?

3- You need a friend

When you feel alone, your diary is always there. It’s great to confess your feelings to close relations. But if you’re too ashamed to open up, or people are too occupied with other duties, you have the possibility to express yourself to…yourself. Although it will feel like you’re communicating to the open world. You even have the right to explode nonsense with really bad handwriting; your diary won’t judge.

Main question: do you want a hug?

4- Personal development

Wow. I’m almost finishing my diary that I’ve been writing for about two months. The next thing I’ll do is read it, with a cup of earl grey tea.

This is a recommended advice. The aim is not to say “Wow this should turn into a published autobiography ’cause my life is so great”.

The aim is to realise that: “Wow. I’ve changed“.

Then you’ll be conscious of how a small period of time (say, a month), has shaped you into the person you are today. The days themselves may seem like a routine. But if you zoom out, you have a whole perspective of your life, values, and dreams. The diary can be your self-camera.

Main question: who were you in the past and who are you now?

Originally published at shyrious.wordpress.com on April 11, 2017.