Oprah Winfrey, one of the most powerful woman on this planet admits to drinking tea for a long time but ever since she was introduced with the Masala Chai(welcome drink of almost every household in India), on her trip to Mumbai in 2012, she seemingly fell in love with its flavour and aroma and decided to expose the similar experience to the Americans.

In the year 2014, she partnered with Teavana to create her own customised tea blend and term it as Oprah Chai.

Oprah Chai is described as — A bold infusion of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and cloves blended with loose-leaf black tea and rooibos.

“I like things really spicy. I like things Chai’d up!!!” — Oprah Winfrey

To begin with, let’s try and break down this statement as to why she likes things on a real spicy note. Spices, as we know produce a scintillating impression and burst out of vibrancy upon entering our mouth.

Interestingly, loose black tea has been taken as the base in this Chai blend(seemingly produced from Assam in the monsoon season) which although produces a bright liquor in appearance but more than often, fails to strike a chord on our tongue. It could be equated with the information that Oprah started out very strong during the starting stage of her life under the strict yet encouraging guidance of her grandmother, however had to face a series of life experiences as she progressed towards her teenage.

Nevertheless, she worked tirelessly over the years to cultivate her inbuilt nature of being friendly, intuitive, original and broad minded and thus was able to break out from the shell of a person who had a very hard and rough childhood, which she has never forgotten till this day.

In short, Oprah Winfrey is a live example of determination, persistency and continuous analysis topped up with unmatched power of concentration over the decades, leading up to the addition of EXTRA with the ORDINARY. No wonder, it was natural for her to include the spices in order to transform this mild and soft blend of an ordinary tea into a strong and savoury dosage of an extra-ordinary beverage.

Let us break down the individual role of each spice into this signature blend and what resemblance could it possibly have with her personality.

Cinnamom — Cinnamom has a sweet flavour and a woody taste note which is used in different form of eateries. It might have appealed to Oprah’s interest keeping in note that she gets along very well with all the esteemed and mundane people simultaneously in her own charming style. Oprah is very gentle with everyone around her and never fails to spread out her sisterly love to the world.

Ginger — Taste of ginger is often classified as very pungent, peppery and warm with a hint of citrus and the fact that it was Oprah’s second choice in the blend is undoubtedly due to the reason that she is a fearless and a persuasive presenter, born with a god gifted talent of making people unconsciously trust in her. If ever she has landed into unfamiliar territories, she has gone ahead, carving out her own way instead of getting scared, not to forget in her own graceful and elegant style.

Cardamom –Cardamom is known to have a strong unique taste, with an intense aroma and a resinous fragrance. Ask me to reason its inclusion in the blend and I will state “Oprah is very intuitive and innovative human being with tremendous willpower and has always remained hungry to grow and learn. She has created and collaborated with different organisations working to uplift the society on universal level in a way which is very spontaneous, quick and somewhat emotional too, resulting in the change of a lot of lives, the effects of which shall be cherished forever.”

Clove — Inspite of several unexpected changes which took place in her life leaving her temporarily misaligned on her tracks, she recovered very quickly from those setbacks and moved onto new beginnings. Nonetheless, she has had a very friendly, self-confident and a positive approach towards life. It should safely hint us towards her selection of cloves in the signature blend which gives out a uniquely warm, sweet and aromatic taste.

Based on my research on her personality all over the internet, I am still left here a little confused and mystified as to what could have possibly led her to include Rooibos in this signature blend. She got inspired for this blend on her visit to India and Rooibos is never added in traditional Masala Chai. Amusingly, the word Rooibos is totally alien to the people of India.

Ever if I get lucky to come across this living legend, I will certainly request her to enlighten me by reasoning out this query. Until then, I will continue to sip on the numerous cups of my Chai, and relish the immense pleasure I experienced while penning down my thoughts on this article, dedicated to this Child of God who is no less than an Angel working tirelessly to uplift the humanity and mankind.

N.B : The opinions mentioned in this article are entirely based on my own opinions and findings.

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