The purpose of life is a life of purpose. — Robert Byrne

I spent years debating the meaning of life, questioning the purpose of existence itself. The media and society at large seemed to value high-status individuals. People who had money, power, and influence. “Where does it end?” I asked myself. It seemed like an endless run on the hamster wheel driven by envy and a sense of incompletion. My life became a balancing act. Some days would bring the motivation to pursue status while other days only nihilism and apathy. A great deal of introspection and a wise mentor…

How many times have people told you to dream big? Lectured you on having a “vision” for your life. About having some big audacious goal that motivates you to get your ass out of bed every morning. How many times have you gotten motivated by those youtube videos telling you get after your dreams? And how many times have you envisioned yourself living that perfect life. Maybe its becoming the CEO of your company. Maybe its running for presidential office. Or screw it, maybe its just having a hot girlfriend to go and watch Avengers with.

Like many of you…

Siddhant Kumar

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