Finding meaningful work-family balance and making it work

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Scene from Charlie Chaplin’s 1921 film : The Kid

Some love working remotely, others can’t imagine working from home. This year many of us were thrown into working out of office expecting to learn to swim along the way. Add a pandemic and kids at home 24/7 and no you can’t get a babysitter, do playdates, or ask your in-laws to help out. It’s just you and your kids and tons of work that can’t wait. How do you handle it, aside from taking irreversible drastic measures, or loosing yourself in a bottle of whiskey at 8am?

Good news, this scenario while realistic, is not so bad for many of us and is totally doable, given right attitude and planning. I’ve been working from home for the most of the past decade, first as a single, then married and last few years as married + kids. …

Story of new iPhone 12 with no charger

Today Apple unveiled iPhone 12 family of devices. Without going into the details and differences between the models, one element caught my attention that I’d like to elaborate on.

This year Apple made a decision to exclude wired headphones and charger from the device package, instead they are including a Lightning to USB C cable. Question that comes to mind is: why go through all this trouble with getting rid of charger, adding in its place a Lighting to USB C cable, instead of going all in on USB C and cutting all cables altogether? It’s not like Apple is new to USB C, after all they have been releasing devices with it since 2015, making a debut in MacBook 2015 model, followed by MacBook Pro in 2016 and iPad Pro in 2018. …

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Location: Piccadilly, London, UK © David Sigal

Humans are social beings

We need each other to share thoughts, feelings, convey ideas and calls to action. A natural being growing up in a society learns to talk and has all life to practice this skill in ever evolving ways we communicate with each other.

For most of us speech comes naturally, we see someone we want to talk to, we approach them and start talking. Albeit we might have to overcome societal boundaries of striking up a conversation, especially if we’re not acquainted with our interlocutor, after all it’s what we’ve been doing for millennia. …

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The more you interact with others, the more others want to get an idea of what you think of your mutual relationship. Sometimes I get surveys from our service providers asking me to rate them. In itself it is a valid request for feedback, but how it is done can make all the difference whether I as a customer or a business partner would want to participate and complete it or not.

One such request this week stood out in a wrong way. My first instinct was to ignore it, but on a second thought I decided to make a lemonade out of that lemon and I wrote to that company what I really thought about their survey and how they can make it better. …

April 1st, 2004 Google revolutionized email by introducing Gmail — a fresh clean and intuitive online email service with 1GB of storage. This was no Arpil Fools joke and it immediately solved one of the biggest issues with email at the time — its storage. Eleven years later no one is impressed with 1GB email account, but in 2004 Hotmail, Yahoo and the rest were barely offering a few megabytes of storage for your messages. …

Israel’s first IoT ISmart tech conference

Today I had an opportunity to participate in a first of its kind conference in Israel, organized by Nir Kouris and his team and hosted by LeumiTech and JVP at their cozy Zappa Jerusalem in the Lab venue. It’s not a first time Nir is putting together a kickass event and bringing a top notch speaker to Israel. …

When showing kids, puppies and girls does not cut it

There are a lot of products we use daily that are completely unexciting. Think of the last time you got excited about a tooth brush, or a traffic light? How can you get people interested in using your product that is boring and just serves its purpose with no bells and whistles attached?

While studying marketing at the engineering school I was taught that marketing is “needs engineering”. When you translate a want into a need — you win. A need sounds stronger and more urgent than a want. Buying a need product seems more justified, sort of an obligation that has no relationship to your mood or desire. …

Can we keep an online conversation without pulling people away from the source of the conversation?

Invent of mass media gave rise to broadcasting. Throughout the 20th century mass media via newspapers, radio and TV broadcasts worked in one direction. We could consume information, but did not have an opportunity to talk back in real time. …

And why this question is not as relevant as you may think

I've been on the startup scene for a few years now. Once in a while I get approached by people, who want to turn their ideas into a startup. I am not an investor, nor do I have a fabulous startup success as of yet (working on it). Since I know a thing or two about startups my friends and friends of friends and random people that find me online ask me all kinds of things about building a startup.

There is this one question however that stands out and that question is:
Will they steal my idea?

Many are apprehensive about telling their idea at first. I understand. It’s fine, they do not need to tell me their idea. There are still things I can help with even without knowing what is it that they want to do that will change the world forever. Sometimes I ask them to describe their idea in general terms without giving away the “secret sauce” (assuming there is any). …

A look at what Big Data is and isn’t

Big data offers a promise of instant answers to questions we either had no way of answering, or had to rely on the “gut feeling” for. Every day new data is being created at a rate even the Moore’s law cannot keep up with. We have to keep learning new terms when describing amount of information that flows daily across the web and now that amounts to over 2.5 …


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