Believing, Lies and Trust

I really don’t know where to start writing this one. Throughout the day I am bothered by facts that are seemingly deceitful. And to fuel what’s seemingly smoking, I watched several episodes of Erased, Case Closed and Liar Game including the Final Stage. Strikingly, they’re focused on what’s been a pain lately.

Trust and Believing
It is often that people usually use the two interchangeably. Majority see it as one and the same wherein actually it meant differently. One of is of greater degree and one is about specifics.

Trusting is well, a connotation of high-level confidence of believing something. Trust can be a feeling or so in general sense that you actually trust a person, or you are highly confident that the person is telling the truth.

Believe or believing on the other hand is of specifics. Can be a case to case basis.

To put it bluntly you can believe a person you don’t trust. However, in trusting someone, believing him/her is necessary. It is necessary despite the uncertainties that’s at the back of your head.

Believing is a Choice
While I was watching an episode of Erased a few days ago, a certain line shook my inner self that I really googled what the hell that line meant. And this was the line I was talking about.

Erased Episode 12

Why was it weird anyway? Until the next lines really made things more sensible.

If you truly believe or at the most trust a person, is it appropriate to say it to the person you are “believing”?

I read a philosophy graduate’s explanation of this scene that somehow it explains the next succeeding lines.

Maybe possibly, we are saying that we believe a person because there is doubt. There is uncertainty that in between what you believe, there’s a hidden lie. Or probably, this is due to skepticism and a little bit optimism. You try to omit from your inner consciousness that there’s a possibility of you being deceived and in order to retain the same view point towards a person, you choose to “believe” the person while having your own inner demons giving you doubts.

And ironically, a certain line again struck me hard.

These are one of Katagiri’s lines to Satoru. “I want to believe you for my own sake”. Why in the hell would you say that? Basically because if you don’t , you’d ruin the relationship, and incidentally it’s like trading commends. You should believe the other person if they believe in you. Should it be like that? In all sense of fairness, yes please.

In the end why we believe on something? Because we trust or because we thought of the possibility of not believing it at the back of our heads?

Trusting is not a bad Thing
When I watched Liar Game’s movie, things were more dramatic and more negative. After all this is a series full of lies and deceit but ofcourse a flowering blossom of honesty, trust and belief.

What I found sophisticated in this series is that they always use the word “stupid” alongside with “honest” when pertaining to Kanzaki Nao.

Is being honest a bad thing? How was it being stupid anyway? Well, flashbacks.

This very picture is why it is stupid. You became true and honest, trusted and believed someone multiple times but in the end you’re always being deceived using the same exact methodology, reasoning and alibi. That’s why it is stupid sometimes especially if you are falling over the same stupid lies some people tell you all the time.

Continuing on, the movie’s like lies here lies there. Treachery all over the place and each of the 9 of the 11 characters has their traitorous character all over the place. What’s worse was someone framed up the other character to deceive and fake his real identity. So now, how the hell can people trust one another without having second thoughts, doubts and nonetheless overthink of possibilities negatively.

But hey,

Yep, there is nothing else. We have to live alongside with all kinds of people. There’s nothing else, in order to survive you have to develop of trust within the society.

It’s not like we have any other choice anyway? Cause it would be grim if we always doubt other people. We would be paranoid of all countless possibilities and doubts that would consume us. That would be toxic for the environment we are living in.


It is is easier said than done. Especially if you were broken countless times, disappointed countless times and lastly treated like shit countless times.

But hey, it’s not bad to trust people.

Honestly, I really don’t know why the hell I wrote this. Trust issues maybe, or maybe I spilled it already on the first part.

But this was the main point, it’s easier to believe in something if you feel that the other person is completely honest. It is easier to talk that way also. What I am trying to say is that sometimes, people will instinctively doubt you especially if it’s good to be true. Other cases like they see things that contradicts what you are saying tends to make people doubt and instinctively say they believe you when actually they are not. Afterall, someone saying they believe you can be lying as well.

Do not compromise the trust people gave you because we all know that once it’s broken, it’s hard to fix. They will doubt you and doubt you.

Not everyone is like the character Kanzaki Nao despite being lied everytime, she completely trust other people. It’s idealistic in nature but realistically, hard to find kind of person.


“The best part of believe is the lie”

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