Use tapestry wall hangings for the best decorating results

Sohana Malik
Oct 17, 2017 · 3 min read

When it comes to decorating our walls, the first thoughts for most people are to use paintings, or perhaps posters. However, some of the today’s most beautiful home decorations get their original style of tapestries! This is because nothing transforms your room as tapestries. For nearly twenty years, Best Tapestries has been helping professional interior designers and designers create extraordinary beauty in most places using flower tapestry.

Wall tapestries and, in particular, flower tapestry, has large-scale capacities, unlike most paints. For homeowners, large draperies warm their entire lives, dining room, bedrooms and hallways like a cosy fire in their home. And here is another surprise that home decorators discover with tapestries: you can place furniture like a sofa, a coffee table or a closet in front of the decoration. This incorporates your existing furniture in the field of the large tapestry, integrating the various decorative elements into a lovely composition.

Floral tapestry adds new and surprisingly subtle beauty to the changing levels of light in their rooms all day and night. And, of course, there’s nothing like the way large tapestry wall hangings can amaze and delight your guests! When it comes to creating that maximum effect, knock in your home, it is a beautiful combination of size, color, and theme appropriately executed with tapestries.

Personalized tapestries are inspired by your inspiration! Tapestry experts make custom made wool and silk tapestries that accurately capture the color and mood of your room, combining the main architectural and decorative features such as carpets, color, columns and other decorative details. You can use any design you choose, from a good quality photo of your favourite scene to a modification of a tapestry design initially woven a few years ago. The best tapestries have woven everything from pumpkin patch designs for theme parks to personal panoramas of countries and properties, to scenes from ancient Egypt! So, whatever you dream, the experience in tapestry will allow you to create a decoration customized exclusively for you.

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Decorating with tapestry wall hangings is easy when you combine your taste for color and theme. For example, you can have two primary color in your room, and you want an antique look of antiquity. Tapestries experts suggest that you start with these primary color in your mind and just follow your heart! Do you like the art and elegance of the Italian Renaissance? How about a soft floral tapestry to set the mood for the outdoors? Best Tapestries offers the most extensive selection of wall hangings by the best weavers in the world.
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Whether your taste is contemporary, a classic tapestry design remains a classic in any decor. As an additional advantage, upholstery tapes provide useful sound dampening by absorbing the hollow ring tones commonly found in rooms with many hard surfaces that produce a lot of echoes.