23 Successful strategies that can be used on twitter to increase engagements and followers.

1.Participate in Twitter Chat —

I participate in every twitter chat which is relevant to me. Participating in twitter chat is the best way to engage with your twitter audience and to showcase your skills.

2.Organize twitter chat —

To get more engagements and impressions about the brand, every brand should organize twitter chat.

3.Relevant hashtags —

According to Linchpinseo, Tweets with hashtags receive 2X more engagement than those without hashtags.

In every tweet you should use relevant hashtags to make it more relevant to its audience and yes it worked for me and will also work for you to get more impressions and engagement and also to get more followers.

Here is the link to — A scientific guide to hashtags on social media by Buffer

4.Buffer or Hootsuite or SproutSocial

Use tools like buffer or Hoostsuite to schedule your tweets and SproutSocial to start social engagement, social media marketing.

Links to how to use —

a. How to use buffer?

b. How to use hootsuite?

5. Use links in your tweets —

According to linchpinseo, there is 92% of engagement with a brand’s tweets are link clicks.

Tweets that include links are 86% more likely to be retweeted — Buffer

While sharing content from any other source try to add link of the source so that owner can be referenced. This will be beneficial for both your social media channel and the link visit.

6. Retweet relevant content —

If you find any content that is useful and good enough to share and share it and tag the source. Sharing content from other source let other people know that you find their content relevant.

7. Optimize your Twitter bio —

Whether people read or not your tweets but before following they will check your bio so include your occupation, about types of update you share or about your hobbies.

8. Tweet about updates —

Tweet about the recent updates of the sector and industry in which you work. It will help you to interact with same industry people.

9. Poll —

Ask questions on twitter and start polls to get perspective of your audience to engage them with your content. It will help you in categorizing your audience.

10. Ask for retweets —

Tweets that ask for retweets get more engagement than a normal tweets.

You can ask your audience to retweet your tweet and if they found it relevant then they will surely retweet it and you can get more impressions and engagements.

11. Include Visuals —

Images and GIFs get more engagements as audience get clear information regarding the updates.

Tweets with image links have engagement rates 2X higher than tweets without image links — linchpinseo.

12. Profile Picture —

Use your own profile picture instead of logo of your brand because your audience always want to interact with human.

13. Mentions —

Always give reference or mention to the users whose content you are sharing. People doesn’t want you to take benefit for what they have done hard work without mentioning them.

14. Talk with your audience —

Always remember your audience want to talk to you every time you ask them to read your content. Engage with them, tag them, make them feel special.

15. Contests and Promotional giveaway —

If you are a brand or an individual who is working for a brand then regularly organize contests or promotional giveaway events to make your audience engage with your channel. This is the best possible way to interact your target audience.

16. Countdowns —

For all the brands, whenever you launch any product or any event or any promotional contests, try to include countdowns and create curiosity among the audience. This will not only attract your audience but will also other twitter users and will help you to get your brand promotion and can also get you more audience.

17. Be continuous —

If you want to get more engagement and more followers then you need to be regular in sharing the content. This is from my personal experience that if you become irregular in providing content then people may lose interest in you.

18. Use a tool like Social Mention to listen relevant conversations —

It allows you to easily track and measure what people are saying about you, your company, a new product, or any topic across the web’s social media landscape in real-time. Social Mention monitors 100+ social media properties directly including: Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, YouTube, Digg, Google etc.
(source — http://www.socialmention.com/about/)

19. Check Twitter Analytics regularly —

To track engagements and impressions of your twitter account, do check Twitter Analytics regularly as it will help you to perform better and to compare that how your account is working every month.

20. Retweet the same content —

A tweet that you have posted 1 month earlier that made more impressions, likes & retweets then you can share that same content again. This is very good technique to rotate the content and to get more likes & retweets.

21. Use Followerwonk to find new people —

To find new people working in the same sector as yours then i recommend to use followerwonk to find them. Using followerwonk you can find professionals or individuals from any sector.

22. Make Lists —

To make the audience feel that you care about them then make lists and add them in the list.

List can be with any title, it depends on which topic you are making the list.
Like if you want to make list for people you like or retweet your content then you can create list with title “ People who likes my tweet or content or Like my tweet or content” etc.

23. Always tweet for audience —

Content you make is for your audience so while sharing the it always write something that directly connect with them and relate their pain point with content. Because everyone want to get their problem resolved so give them a solution for each problem.