What are the blogging and SEO tips for bloggers?

Best blogging tips for every new and old blogger.

I have read many posts but still there is so much to explore.

  • First thing with which a blogger get confused is the template that which template will be better for their blog and which will load in minimum time.
  • Every blogger has demand in their mind that my blog should be SEO optimised and for that, they need to a lot of experiments with the blog.
  • Template must be chosen which is properly SEO optimised.
  • Then, the other important thing on which a blogger need to give importance is appearance. Think when you visit a blog and one thing comes to your mind is that blog is very congested or appearance is not appealing.
  • So focus more on appearance as more things on the landing page can increase loading time which may disrespect viewer’s time and will decrease your daily views.
  • After optimising your pages, you need to focus on your Content.
  • Choose your target niche, write original and authentic contents with facts.
  • Now the most important tip, try include keywords that target your niche to increase viewers,
  • Use Google keywords Planner to find quality keywords and use keywords which have maximum searches.
  • Content is King so write content with titles “how to ?”, “10 top tips to”.
  • While posting articles you need to be more specific with keywords like if you are specifying some tips then include a number. 
    for e.g — “14 tips to optimise your blog.”
  • With content, you must include visuals, images or videos or GIFs because it increases the chance of getting more views as visual are more interactive than text content.
  • After content, focus on Labels — labels are same as the keywords that you need to choose which target your key customers.
    For e.g — As Urban Pathshala’s blog is based on Education so it targets labels related to study, education, higher education, technology, student.
  • After label, you need to focus on date, there is a different format that you should follow according to SEO format and it will help you to overcome error related to the date. See image below.
  • Now comes Permalink, you can edit link as per your target. Here are some of them options you need to work on.
  • After link, you need to include location from where you are writing or you can also use location which you are targeting.
  • Search Description — This must be written very carefully as it will help your blog post in searching. Include lines or keywords as viewers and how a person will search for the content you are posting.
  • Next is Options block, in this, there are 3 different options in which 1st you need to allow your viewers to comment on your posts (see below). Next, is for HTML and 3rd is for breaks between the lines.
  • Last is Custom Robot Tags, this is the main part because if you adjusted unfavourable settings then your blog might not be able to get ranked. so do a proper search while choosing its option.

Check this Guide for more — Robots meta tag and X-Robots-Tag HTTP header specifications | Webmasters | Google Developers .

Now some most important things you need to remember.

  • Share at least one post daily with original and authentic content.
  • Do a regular analysis of your blog that which blog post is working well and which topic is doing good in stats.
  • If your blog’s niche matches with someone’s else blog then try to connect with them by your comments and suggestions on their blogs.
PS: Please let me know if I left anything. Also, I will update with more updates.