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Building your community is a vital part to survival among the sheer volume of accounts and people idly spreading and creating content out there. There are many ways to grow your community. Some ideas in response to the questions asked in today’s chat are presented below. These are mostly from this guy, right here. So, they will be sounding more like directed from my mouth to the conversation. Do what best suits you and your community.

This week’s #ChatSnap, hosted by Kristy Gillentine, was on the topic of Community Building. #ChatSnap is “The Twitter chat all about Snapchat.” #ChatSnap is held every Wednesday at 1300 to 1400 central standard time (CST). Feel free to join in with your voice, or follow along to the great ideas and thoughts being shared.

Creator & Host: Kristy Gillentine
This week’s Special Guest:
Madalyn Sklar
This week’s Moderator:
Chris McManamy

Q1: What does “community” mean to you?

To me, a community represents a group with similar interests brought together in harmony to strengthen bonds. The community doesn’t need to have similar “interests,” but can be brought together with the “interest” of solving an issue.

Q2: Why is community building important? What’s the purpose?

Building up social communities helps strengthen the relationships of them. Better relations equals better networking and connecting. The building of your community is important as well to your image. Image is important in the eyes of the beholder, of course.

Q3: What online community(ies) are you part of? Do you lead?

“Lots. Less than I used to be thankfully.” Being a part of too many communities can become an intense struggle to keep up while taking part in the discussions and thought processing. “ChatSnap obviously! The #VaynerNation is another great one. There are many others I am a part of personally, but my mind can’t recall many right off the top as burned out from “excess studying.” That’s a thing, correct? I do not lead any communities currently. Unless you count silent communities for sharing a brand that isn’t yours personally. Leading a community takes time and passion for providing the most positive and caring atmosphere possible. Go 110% when others depend on you.

Q4: What advice do you have for someone just beginning to focus on building a community? Where do you start?

Promotion of accessible content is important. If your community can’t even access what you share what’s the point? When giving the people what they want, make sure to add your own flavor or flair. You are your own person, and you don’t want to sound like every other person out there. That’s a big number of people you want to stand out from! Luckily for you, there is only one of you. Take advantage of this fact. You can start with those who are on the same journey as you. Of course, this depends on what your focus contains. Join already established communities with similar tastes and professions. Take action, and don’t just stare from outside the window.

Q5: How do you GROW your community?

I haven’t been trying to grow my community much recently, but I’ve been spending more time taking part of others I love. For instance, #ChatSnap. Looking to grow your community? Put it out there! It won’t be found unless it is visible in the least. Growth of community will build your visibility at the same time. Starting and being consistent is powerful. Make sure others can find your community. Make sure it’s worth joining. Share positivity within and around it. As a few others shared, be consistent within your community. Love your community! They can tell if you don’t sincerely care.

Q6: In what ways do or can you keep your community engaged?

Call to action discussions and challenges is one. Actually RESPONDING when engaged to is another fantastic thing to do.

“Keep your community engaged by sharing great content. I’m always sharing helpful articles, resources and tips.” — Madalyn Sklar

Sharing is caring! Give your two cents. Add your own voice.

“I keep my community engaged by being real and transparent. I’m showing them a real person who’s approachable and helpful.” — Madalyn Sklar

Honesty is the best policy, in most cases.

Q7: What tools are available to grow/engage/manage your online community?

So, so many! I blanked pretty hard during this question answering. The three tools that managed to climb to the top of my dome to jump to my keyboard were Snapdex, HootSuite, and Analytics of the platforms. One tool not used as often as should be would be our brain.

Q8: How do you build trust within your community?

Honesty and clarity in your intentions and your reactions.

Q9: How important are cross-platform connections for community building? Why?

You might be missing a connection that will lead you to succeeding on one platform, but your might discover them on another. One connection might help strengthen your presence overall on multiple sites.

Q10: How can you bring a community from SC to other social networks?

Self-promotion of your presence and great content in other areas of social. Present platform exclusive content, and create unique engagement opportunities.

Q11: How can you bring a community from other networks to Snapchat?

You can compile a compilation or montage of snap stories that will peak their interest. Attention is money.

Q12: How can someone find and join an online community of like-minded people?

A simply effective tool is the “Search” bar for the interest. Ask those of an already-joined community for suggestions for additional communities. You won’t always get a response this way. Sometimes you will. “People are generally good,” as John Locke would say. Finally, Google. :) lol

These ideas are not a set in stone, my way only, approach to community growth. Find what you think will work for you, implement it, test out it and a few others, and take over the game. The communities that are solely based around what “I” have going on are currently not being worked towards growth. In a more constructive phase right before I enter an even larger growth phase for myself. So, take my suggestions with a grain of salt, but keep your beautiful ears open. Community building is across all platforms and even all the way to face-to-face. Healthy relationship building is a big part in community growth.

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