My ACV Experience

This was a four-week human trial testing of consuming apple cider vinegar every day for 30 days.

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The quality of future posts will be improving as well. So, don’t expect this personal logging style being shared every time.

This extremely bitter and acidic fluid is a product from fermented apples. For over a century it has been consumed for multiples of health benefits. One immediately noticeable benefit for most is the sudden energy. To name a few of the benefits of this miracle fluid… A few of the benefiting areas include heart health, weight loss, digestion and energy boost.

The acid in this vinegar can inhibit LDLs from oxidizing. With weight loss, the way the apple cider vinegar helps is by increasing how much food you crave by increasing how sated you feel. It is said that apple cider vinegar can help calm digestion troubles as well. I have not looked into this fact deeply yet. The enzymes, especially the “Mother” enzyme, and potassium help to rid fatigue.

The simple daily logs of how I felt upon drinking it or when remembering to log before heading to bed later that night is below.

1st Day: Had it morning and afternoon. Super strong, coughed one time after drinking, was already overly exhausted, yet the vinegar seemed to pick me up for a few hours. Later in the day, it possibly contributed to an increase in exhaustion, I wasn’t sure. It was my first time to have this drink. So, I wasn’t sure if could relate delayed exhaustion to it. This day, I was taking a littler longer to process information and thoughts of complex topics. It might have just been from being tired in the first place.

2nd Day: Had it in the morning. Coughed lightly a few times, still bitter and a little foul to the taste, but it helped put me into a good focus and get stuff done mentally in combination with the cold shower that I took right prior to the ACV. Constant sneezing and runny nose in the evening and uncomfortable stomach in the evening is what this day consisted of. Stinks that got sick right after starting this test.

3rd Day: Felt very sick today. Slammed down the hatch the ACV later in the morning and after 4 pm. I felt more alert for a short time after taking it. Overall the feeling was better with it and the late morning nap that was enjoyed. No fever, just aching muscles, headache, sneezing, runny nose, and watered eyes.

4th Day: Sickish. Not feeling ideal. Didn’t even have any ACV until 11 am after got home from work. Feeling better with the cooler weather. No coughing from the drink. Went down pretty smooth this time.

5th-8th Day: Missed 3 days from being extremely ill. Might have simply been allergies as I did not have a fever, but it knocked me down hard. It was more one of those irritating illnesses than a “death come take me” sick. Energy even while sick was well. I usually don’t get sick except for the 1–3 times per year on average. My energy level was higher this time than it usually is when I become sick, though.

9th Day: Great energy even without it. It sure was a nice pick me up, though. My overall daily energy levels have dramatically increased. This has helped my alertness and awareness increase which helps my productivity. Nothing but good coming out of consuming it so far. This extra energy has been perking me up nicely as well. I feel a stronger positive energy a larger percentage of the time than in have in the last two or three years.

10th Day: I didn’t have any until I got home around midnight. I was partly using it tonight to stay up for a few more hours until work. I had to be at work by 5 in the morning. The plan was to spend the time staying awake for working on some college assignments.

11th Day: Threw some back in both the early morning before work, and later in the morning before noon. It might be just the sheer volume of ice black coffee from Starbucks that’s talking here, but I have been more focused today that I have been lately. It has partly to do with how a big problem for me is just getting started on an activity or project. I have to go ALL IN or not at all. If I go ALL IN it becomes the main thing on my mind at the current time. Hopefully I can learn to use this as a tool for going all in on things just long enough to make it a part of the routine or a habit. Work with what you’ve got and then do one better.

12th Day: Only drank before work in the early morning before four am. Was pretty alert throughout the day until it had been at least 16 hours into the day. Was up a total of about 21 hours this day.

13th Day: Morning and afternoon. Was tired all day, but more alert than before began drinking apple cider vinegar.

14th Day: Drank at 7 am mixed with coffee and lemon juice. Not as powerful, but mighty disgusting. lol I don’t recommend this combination. Healthy but disgusting. ;) Was up at 2 am since didn’t have to work and slept the previous day.

15th Day: Early morning prior to work. Pumped me up before climbing into the car to head out. Being in a car automatically is exhausting to me mentally. I had a good amount of apple cider vinegar in the late evening with dinner. I felt great immediately upon drinking it. I poured maybe 4 teaspoons into a plastic cup, and then filled it with water to dilute. The water barely did anything. It was still pretty strong in flavor. Not the best flavor either. Worth it though! Such a great feeling.

16th Day: Tiring and long day with work and everything. Do not remember much about this day since forgot to log the day until the next.

17th Day: A nice sized, while diluted, serving of the drink today. Right before eating while hunger pains were affecting me. Immediately afterwards I had a cold shower. These things all helped knock me out to a couple of hours of sleep even though I felt energized afterwards. I was in a lack of sleep all week long. Typically 3 hours a night all week long.

18th Day: Only about 10 days left for this log. Time to get a little more detailed when can.

19th Day: Worked from midnight to 5:30 am. Had a generous portion of apple cider vinegar around six in the morning. It wasn’t too strong today. Concentrated and not diluted this morning. Instantaneous energy spike temporarily. Makes me say “Woo!” loudly almost half the time now. Good kick to my alertness and my mind. Loving it, oh, so much! Had another serving around noon. Was feeling swell, and continued feeling good.

20th Day: Six hours fasting upon wake from work. Had ACV at 9:15 am. Completely empty, hungry stomach made it hit me hard. Didn’t feel very nice upon the initial moment of consumption. Overall felt good following that unfortunate and painful event.

21st Day: Had a good portion before class. No part-time job today. Not measuring exact amounts has made the bottle run empty a lot sooner. It went down smooth today. No recoiling or coughing.

22nd Day: Smooth. Went great for my energy for being awake for class. Had coffee and hot sauce as well. Separate from the ACV drink of course, non-diluted.

23rd Day: Before class and after class period. Smooth and good today. Good energy had throughout the day. I did have a lot of coffee as well which helped while typing away at Starbucks (like I am with this ;)).

24th Day: Smooth in the morning, and also smooth in the late afternoon even though smaller amount than usual. Only a small amount to last me the start of the next day remains. Need to buy another bottle.

25th-27th Day: Smooth and diluted. Learning how strong an acid it truly is. Staying safe and diluting every serving when I can. Better safe than sorry. Diluting doesn’t reduce the quality of it.

28th Day: Once in the morning today. Generous servings every time.

29th Day: Once in the afternoon. Generous servings every time!

30th and Final Day: Once before 7:30 am. Second time around noon. Rough week, but energy levels were higher, probably a huge part due to caffeine, but generally this month long trial of drinking apple cider vinegar has been deemed beneficial. In both gastrointestinal health and energy levels. Gastrointestinal-wise less gross bathroom visits and air flow investments.

I recommend trying this out for yourself. I was tipped off that adding honey helps. I did not try this, yet. It seems a century of practice consuming apple cider vinegar was a great idea by we humans. Great work humanity. Another example of how we can do smart things too. :)

Thanks for taking the time to read this post of mine.

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