On behalf of all men, I’m sorry

Donald Trump doesn’t represent all men. Not by a long shot. He is 70 years old, richer than most people, and has lived a life that has been priviliged by more than just his whiteness, but also family wealth. He couldn’t represent all men, but he represents too many of us. I can’t help but be struck by the contrast: Hillary Clinton, the first woman nominee for President in the United States’ 240 years, and Donald Trump, a man that appears to embody every bad quality a man can have.

It certainly can’t be a coincidence.

First there was a black President; now the possibility of a woman holding the highest office. Each has served as a dog whistle for the misogynists, racists, the nationalists — and any other bad “ist” out there to support Donald Trump. Sure there are some women, minorites and immigrants that support Trump, but honestly they’re just enablers that are responding to the same dog whistle, even though it’s against their best interest.

So here we are, in 2016, and a major political candidate is recorded saying that because he’s a star, he can do what he wants, including including grabbing women “by the pussy” and then stating that it was nothing more than “locker room talk.” Even worse, in a post Bill Cosby/Brock Turner world, he has implied that sexual assault is unimportant.

I feel dirty simply writing that paragraph. Donald Trump should feel worse having the words come from his mouth — but he doesn’t. So on behalf of all men, let me please apologize on the behalf of him and those who support him.

You certainly deserve better than him. We all do.

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