Statement regarding Stackery & ServerlessDays

On 5 March 2019 Geekwire published a story detailing alleged abuse by Stackery CEO Nate Taggart of his former spouse Kate Taggart.

Stackery is an active member of the Serverless community and has been involved in previous ServerlessDays events. They were involved in the organisation of ServerlessDays Portland and sponsored a number of ServerlessDays events globally.

The global leadership team of ServerlessDays is still evaluating the situation, and will be forming a separate committee to advise on any further course of action. Whilst this is happening we have decided to stand in solidarity with PDX Women in Tech, and have asked Stackery to withdraw from all ServerlessDays involvement at this time. They have agreed and will be releasing their own statement.

We are taking outside advice, and will wait on recommendations from the committee we are forming to investigate this matter before proceeding with any other action.

We will not be issuing any further comment on this at this point in time.


Ant Stanley on behalf of the ServerlessDays global organising team.