I think college for the majority of people is a complete waste of time and money.

And THERE I’ve said it!

I know I will have people agree with me and disagree with me.

So, I’m going to explain where I came from.

I left school at 16. I have…

Is running a business easy?

I have a friend I’ve been recently speaking to who has been running his own business for a while now.

He told me, “You know Steve I am struggling!”

Not in terms of sales, but in terms of working 18 hour days.

He feels like…

Should you involve a partner in your business?

Partners can be really useful when it comes to decision making, but they can also clash with your own thoughts and ideals.

I’ve personally had my own business partners in the past and this is a question that I actually get asked…

As an entrepreneur I have to motivate my team, solve problems, and keep in touch with my clients all the while holding myself accountable.

If I didn’t hold myself accountable it would be hard for anything to get done. I know this is most likely similar for everyone.

We all…

Remote work is the future. It gives new opportunities to so many people — especially creatives.

So, do you use remote working in your company and if you do how do you make it work?

This is a huge question into days age as we start moving many jobs onto…

I think this is actually something that a lot of us struggle with!

It can be hard coming up with ideas we can derive content from. Well, not just content…but content that people ACTUALLY want!

One of the biggest dangers when thinking of new content is that sometimes we continue…

So what do you do when you have a small marketing budget and you have a large competitor move into your market that can easily outspend you?

This is something that my agency comes across quite frequently when we speak to our clients.

I’m making this article because I have…

Recently, I got asked what my weaknesses are.

When I was younger I had my own mentor who helped me a lot, so I often spend time helping other business owners in my consulting agency.

The other day I spoke for about five minutes with a client when he asked…

What does success mean to you?

Success is something that is different for each person.

My definition of success will not be the same as your definition of success. However, I was recently asked what it means to me…

Today I am going to talk about my answer…

I hear…

I was recently reading an article on this. It was the same reason that I’ve seen many other articles use — cash.

The article stated the main reason that businesses fail is they run out of money.

However, that’s not a reason.

That’s actually a symptom.

And through my 25+…

Steve Goodall

Entrepreneur, Business Growth specialist, Digital Nomad & World Traveler. Connect with me on LinkedIn — https://www.linkedin.com/in/iamstevegoodall/

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